Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 87...

Today we were going down to Paphos to have lunch with Mum and Dad because we are going round to our neighbours for tea (Kleftiko) later this evening.

We got up early on the off chance that Savvas would actually pitch up at 8.00am but he didnt so we decided to go down early and do some shopping - we are looking for a Barbecue now that we know for certain that Vix and Trev are coming over.  We are talking about the housing rather than the barbeque itself although we are going to need that as well but that is going to be an early Christmas present from Mum and Dad.

So we rushed out forgetting both the pastichio for Mum to try and the sander that Dad wanted to sand down the outside furniture before he treats it.  Honestly what are we like??  and what is our excuse - it is not like we have anything else much to think about is it??

So we did a trawl of all the cast-concrete places that we could find and eventually found one in the shop down past Geophra's which was half the price of anywhere else and which is going to be delivered in the next couple of days.  It comes in bits and John will have to erect it and paint it and tile the base before it can be used.  Another little job to add to his to-do list!!

We managed to find the main sorting office in Paphos and collected the parcel that John's Mum & Hadge had sent us for our anniversary.  There was a huge amount of childish shaking and squeezing - reminiscent of Christmas morning before John declared that we would wait and open it when we got to my Mum's.  We had also received our anniversary card from John sister Janice - it was lovely of them to remember us and better late than never. 
(Blaming the post not Janice this time!!!)
So with much anticipation we opened the parcel and we are now proud owners of a very 21st century tea/coffee maker which we can have in the bedroom with us and which will mean that there is no longer a debate about whose turn it is to get out of bed and run over to the other building - how we will appreciate this in winter when it is piddling down outside and we are warm and toasty inside.  So thanks even though we saw how much the postage cost (extortionate) for the lovely gift and for thinking of us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lunch at Mum's was a bit of a disaster as we decided to go out and see if we could get a new fan for our bedroom as last night I was kept awake by some rattling sound coming from the condenser or something or other - it doesnt bother John in the least as he could sleep through an earthquake but it did my head in and it was the choice between irritating noise or stifling bedroom.  Anyway we looked in a couple of places and then went back to the man where we got the fan in the lounge and decided to go for the same one.  We arrived back at Emba to find that there was a powercut so Mum couldnt cook the lunch.  We had to go out - and so headed down to Sayyias (great roast potatoes!!). 

Those of you concerned about Missy (the cat) will be pleased to know that she is still around - although hiding from us in the lounge because once power was restored Mum and Dad had a fan on and she most definitely doesnt like fans.  She has eaten some soft food but still cant tackle her normal biscuits but then I doubt I would if I had had that many teeth removed!!!

John decided to give our car a treat whilst I was next door giving Rosie and Dave their computer lesson and took it for a clean inside and out - do you know it is Blue??  It certainly looks better for it and €6 is a bargain!!

We came back home quite early as we are going out tonight - there is great excitement and consternation on the estate as the woman up the road is having a 'garage' erected on the hardstanding outside her villa.  It is nothing like any garage we have ever seen and is totally out of keeping with the rest of the buildings and probably being erected without planning permission.  We are guessing it will be the topic of conversation tonight.  The little Sri Lankan's have been building it all day and say that they will finish it tomorrow.  The Mukhtar may well have a view on it but it is probably here to stay.  It makes a great blank canvas for any grafitti artists to use - which is a bit of a problem in and around Cyprus.  It doesnt affect us as we are tucked in behind but it is a bit of a shock when you drive round the corner - the Berlin Wall springs to mind!!

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