Friday, 2 September 2011

Droushia Life...

Days like today make me realise how very very lucky John and I are to be able to enjoy the life that we lead (more about that later)...

Those of you who follow regularly will have realised that yesterday was a Thursday and it was a Thursday when we go down to Emba and take part in the charity quiz that is held at Sid's bar.  This is invariably a late night and so we sleep at Lakoudia Street and there is no blog post.

Talking of followers we now have 17 - the latest being my nephew Michael - pressure on to make sure that I post regularly and keep it interesting!!!

So back to yesterday - I was enticed to play pickleball by Tom with a promise that the temperature would be a moderate 28 degrees but OH NOOOOOOOOOOO the weather had taken an upward turn and it was well over 30!!!  I just made up the numbers playing with Tom, Eric and Jeff who had me running all over the court!!

Note to Visitors...  After a cool start to this week the temperature has shot up again and it was in the high 30s today - it is now 8.00pm and it is 27.6 in and 22.4 out.

Our quiz team last night numbered nine as we were joined by Mum and Dad's old neighbours Wendy and Peter (they are not in themselves old if you get my drift but used to live opposite Mandeville).  We were also joined by Wendy's sister (whose name I have shamefully forgotten) who was out on holiday.  Let's just say we didnt trouble the leaderboard this week as we had a couple of absolutely nightmare rounds - in fact we didnt even win a bottle of gopping wine!!!

An early start this morning - up and out from Emba and back to Droushia with our suitcases from England.  Unpacking and washing were the order of the day followed by a trip to Polis to stock up the empty cupboards.

So going back to the beginning of the post - why do John and I feel so blessed with our lives???  We have lovely friends and neighbours:  George and Pam have been round to make sure we are ok and to tell us about a music and Kleftiko evening at Stathmos on Sunday - we will be there!!!, Ollie has been around (and is on the mend) and I am watering his garden whilst he and Trish are back in the UK, we bumped into Irene numerous times this afternoon in Paps shopping (she watered my garden whilst we were away) we have been for a drink in the village this evening and been greeted like old friends in both Stathmos and Christos and our immediate neighbours Gregory and Theodora have invited us to have dinner with them later this evening in Stroumbi which we have accepted.  We have walked round the village speaking to all the old folk as best we can and tickled them with our command of Greek (or lack of it) and caught up with Simon and Mel as they walked their dogs.  We have taken in the views of Chysochou Bay as the sun goes down and picked fresh figs from trees on the way home.  The guy who we hope will fix our gas fire has been in touch and we are seeing him tomorrow and I have managed to have a Skype conversation with my godmother Janet who comes out with Alan next week.  All is good in the Wiseman household!!

So back to the wedding last weekend and some more photographs for you to enjoy...

First off - Andy and Ellie the happy couple now Mr and Mrs Cockerill (um... interesting surname!!!)

Ellie with bridesmaid Rosie - they have known each other all their lives and both looked absolutely stunning on the day!  Neither of them are known for being 'girlie' girls!!

Ellie with my Mum and Dad (her Grandparents) both scrubbed up nicely and my Mum looking particularly stylish in her autumnal ensemble.

My sister Kaye and her husband Richard (mother and father of the bride) with Mum and Dad.

Sorry but somehow Macbeth springs to mind when I see this picture and where is the family resemblance???

The weather took a serious turn for the worse so that photographs were mostly indoors which was a shame because the grounds of Hull University are stunning - still it didnt ruin the day for any of us and it was a resounding success all round.

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