Saturday, 10 December 2011

Winter Arrives in Time for our Works Christmas Do...

It was a wild wild old night last night with heavy rain, thunder, lightening and very very high winds...

...Winter has arrived here in Droushia and just in time for the Wiseman/Tregunna works Christmas do. Site Foreman Dad, Trusty Little Helper Mum, Project Manager John and lowly little part four (naval term) me were going to Gustoso for a special meal tonight.

Last night was the first night we had to do the Olympic dash across the buildings to go to bed which isn't too bad really I suppose but does concentrate the mind on plans for permanently joining the two buildings and John has loads of them!!!! We had thought to just cover the pergola with triplex as the first stage and then get a structure to span across the buildings and make it a covered way but now we think it would be worth spending a bit of money and making it a bit more permanent with glazed doors and roof (depending on the cost).  The wild weather has brought with it some very strange guests and around the outside light above the kitchen door we had a magnificent collection of moths like the one in the picture - he was obviously getting into the festive spirit as he looks like he is wearing Christmas antlers!!!

Fortunately there was no rain when we got up but it was very cold and very very misty and you can see in the photograph that we had lost our view down to the coast - John and I were both due to go down to Paphos after lunch for Pickleball so we had to check what the weather was doing down on the coast because if it was anything like what we were experiencing then there was no chance that we would be playing.

The weather in Paphos wasn't much better so Pickleball was cancelled - it is bloody impossible to play in high winds!!!  As the morning progressed it began to improve and you can see that the mist lifted but the clouds were gathering and about to bring us some really, really stormy weather including gales and hail which brought down the gazebo over the car.  Poor John had to go racing out in his jimjams to rescue the car but not before the paintwork got scratched and he got soaked to the skin for his trouble.

Unfortunately Chivers has now discovered that there is a world outside our garden fences and it will only be a matter of time before Minnie joins him.  It worries John and I to death as he sets his jaw and resolutely ignores our calls.  We know that there is always food up at Sharon's where Irene feeds the feral cats so he will find that and as he is a real pig when it comes to food may not come home to be fed.  More worrying is that he is a bit of a wimp and would probably get a real battering from one of the Slappers.  John followed him and saw him in the Sharon's garden just as a Slapper was arriving - fortunately at that point the weather started to take a turn for the worse and he ran home.  

Neither of the cats like the cold and the wet so they were confined to barracks for most of the morning and John and I decided to take the opportunity to watch a film but the cats had quite a different idea and were like a couple of whirling dervishes - it is soooo tiring to watch.  I have to say that I am amazed that they have largely ignored the Christmas decorations!!

Suddenly it is like someone has taken their batteries out and they adopt their normal position asleep on John's lap!!!

The weather did improve by the time we set off for Paphos where Mum and Dad were in the middle of a very long power cut due to the weather.  We took the time to do a bit of shopping and visited the new Euroland shop on the Polis Road where Dawn (who used to manage the GB shop in Polis) now works.  It's a good shop with a lot of choice of foods and other goods and everything is priced at either €1, €1.50 or €2.  The weather must have been wild down there as the wind had blown out one of the shop doors and sent it crashing down into the car park!!

When we got to Mum and Dad's the power had just been restored after being out for more than four hours!  Fortunately it was restored in time for them to get themselves ready for our works Christmas do!!!

We had heard good reports about Gustoso which is located along the Tomb of the Kings Road and used to be called something else (Cava?) and was a very traditional building which has been modernised and extended.

It is very nice inside - very modern and very clean and fortunately well lit (so Dad could see his food and didn't moan!!) and very warm as we were sat next to the trendy gas fire in the picture.  

The menu was quite small but then if they are cooking fresh to order a small menu is good - extensive menus generally means food is pinged in a microwave - and some interesting and different choices. 

We were given some lovely garlic bread whilst we waited for our food to be cooked - I am pictured carrying out Quality Control!!!  

When our food came it was beautifully presented - this is my starter - prosciutto and exotic fruits.  We had a lovely meal - Dad says it is the second best fillet steak that he has ever had in Cyprus and after 20 years that is some recommendation.  We had eaten too much for pudding which was a shame having seen the puddings on the table behind us which looked fantastic.  Although I hate making recommendations to others we have had two excellent meals out in the last week.

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