Sunday, 24 June 2012

Our Souls are Saved...

Those of you who know where we live know that we live on a little estate on the edge of Droushia where, out of the 24 properties, only two are occupied full time, about 8 belong to a bank because the builder went bust and the remainder are holiday homes so basically for most of the year it is pretty much deserted so we were gobsmacked today when we were trying to get some of the dust out of the interior of the car to be visited by Jehovah's Witnesses!  We had had a visit once before about a year ago when we politely told the guy that it really wasn't for us so didn't think they would bother to go out of their way to find us again - but no no no find us they did and we were given something to read despite our protestations.  Give John his due he did leaf through them so he probably slept more soundly than I did last night!

The weather today started brightly enough and John decided to tackle the pool light which he replaced fairly recently and which lit then went out after a short time.  John was concerned that water had got in somehow and it had shorted out.

He has put in a new bulb but on testing the old one found it hadn't blow after all so that is all a bit of a mystery and the thought of water and electrics bothers me so I would prefer that we don't use it until he has sussed out what happened!

As I said the weather today started brightly enough but then got muggier and muggier and we could hear thunder rumbling around in the hills - starting off in the Troodos and then getting progressively closer.  We could see the cloud building over the mountains and knew it was only a matter of time before it would be over us.  It didn't feel any cooler but as we didn't want to get wet we moved our activities indoors which was just as well because we did have a smattering of rain but only a smattering and unfortunately that is enough to make a right old mess of the conservatory windows so you know how happy that will make John!

We have had an ongoing battle with the new toilet we put in the shower room - the double button flush on the top is an absolute bugger and most people (including me) struggle to get it to work - worse still we found we had a leak from the cistern and the limited space in the shower room means that it is a right old bugger to get in there and do anything and I am a worse than useless Part IV so never in the right place at the right time and useless at anticipating John's requirements.

The toilet has been removed - not without a few 'bugger its' - and is in the conservatory where it has been stripped down and put back together and everything that can be sealed has been.  John wanted to give it a good day to dry out before it gets put back so we had to cap off the toilet waste hole so that neither iggies nor smells could escape - ever mindful of interior design I chose a petunia to cover the paving slab - pretty flowers and nice smell!!!

A football free night tonight - bugger - it looks like we are going to have to speak to one another!

P.S. have learned via Facebook that our friend Trevor has been a bit of a hero and saved someone's life when they went into anaphylactic shock - all those years of training put to good use - WELL DONE

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  1. thanks guys - paula is fine and very grateful for trev's quick actions.