Wednesday, 25 July 2012

High Tea - ONCE AGAIN...

John has become the frappe king and I always thought that cold coffee would be a disgusting drink until I was out with Nicky (photographer Nicky) a couple of years ago and she made a detour in Paphos specifically to pick up a frappe and I gave it a try.  We could really do with something a bit more manly that our little black frother but it just about does the job - the trick as Wheely Helen pointed out is to get the black coffee really frothy before adding the milk and ice and you really do need the frappe version of the coffee granules as it gives a slightly bitter real coffee flavour.  On days like today a nice long cold drink is just the ticket.  The weather is getting increasingly muggy and apparently it is on the change with a slight possibility of rain - probably over the Troodos and not here.  I can't say I mind too much because cooler nights would be a real bonus as we are both struggling to sleep at the moment.

When we picked up the post we had a parcel which is our anniversary present to ourselves - yet another handmade gecko for us to put up somewhere in or on the house (maybe it should be called σπίτι σαύρας!).  At some point in the future I am very keen to do a gecko or lizard mosaic - a big one to go somewhere outside - I think it will be a while yet and may settle for sculpting one first - well my cuboid snail is going to need some sort of cuboid creature to keep it company!!

It was going to be a quiet day today with a lot of swimming and slobbing out before getting ready to go out with Sharon, Sean and Katya as it was their last full day today.  It is going to be strange without them just up the road and John is going to miss his DIY buddy but we wont have to wait too long as they will be back again hopefully in November.

Sharon had wanted to go to the Spa for High Tea and had invited two other friends who had had to call off at the last minute and really too late for her to cancel their food order which meant that five of us had to consume high tea for seven and as you well know five people generally struggle to consume high tea for five people!!!  We gave the sandwiches a good try leaving only two little quarters but failed miserably when it came to the cake so we had plenty to bring back in doggy bags!!  We had a bit of excitement on the way back home as we spotted two of the local boys swimming in Marian and Chris's pool so John shot out of the car in hot pursuit and caught both of them in the neighbouring vineyard - I think it must have shocked the hell out of them as they immediately burst into tears saying sorry and asking us not to call the police.  John decided to let them sweat a bit and went off to get Marian's keys to make sure that there was nothing damaged.  They had only been swimming but the problem is that over here if someone has an accident in a swimming pool it is the pool owner who is liable.  I would be very surprised if we see them round here again!

Sharon and Sean are brilliant at keeping us supplied with tried and tested DVD's and they had lent us a film which Mum and Dad watched when they were house sitting on Wednesday and which they enjoyed so we decided that we would watch it last night (Saturday night TV being so dire!).  So we sat down and enjoyed the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which was a gentle and very British comedy and just right for a lazy Saturday night.  We have Salmon Fishing in the Yemen to look forward to next although not entirely sure when we will get round to watching that one.

The temperature was much more pleasant last night so we were both hopeful of getting a better night's sleep than of late.  Bring it on!!!

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