Friday, 20 July 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...

For someone (and it wasn't me so that narrows it down a bit) it was an early start to the week.  John sleeps like a log when he goes to bed and then wakes early - I don't get to sleep very easily and just about drop off when John is waking up - I think it is called shift sleeping - he does the early and I do the late!!!  Anyway John was up to see the sun rise over the mountains this morning and went out to capture it on camera.  The shimmer on the mountains will give you some idea how hot it was early in the morning and what kind of day we had in store.

I love Mondays as I have art with Sheila and now that Sam is back from her holiday I have my Greek lesson in the afternoon.  I took Sheila the bougainvillea that I had bought from Kissos as I am aware that she happily provides me with art materials and Klaus feeds me and I don't want them to think I take advantage. 

My current project is nearing an end - I should think that next week I will complete it.  I have been through some of Sheila's photographs and have opted to do a picture of the fuchsia pink Morning Glory that is growing in her garden for my next project.  I wanted to produce two pictures to replace the fading photographs we have of the Charles Bridge in Prague and for once I have produced something that I will be quite proud to have hanging on the wall!

My Monday mornings pass in a very companionable atmosphere - sometimes we sit and say nothing very much and other times we leave the pictures to one side and have a good old chin wag!  Fantastic smells drift from the kitchen which are accompanied by Klaus's singing - it is such a stressless existence which is priceless - I feel truly blessed!

After we have eaten Sheila feeds her band of feral cats who are now brave enough to bring the new litters of kittens for their lunch.  They are real cuties and very lucky ferals who have the leftovers from Klaus's first class cooking!  No wonder they look so healthy!  I am now very mindful to check the car before I leave as I was mortified when I sped away with Gingin.  My only consolation is that Gingin is thriving up at ours.

The route from Droushia to Prodromi is now dry and dusty - how quickly the landscape changes once the rains have stopped.  It has been several weeks since my last Greek lesson and so I was worried that I was going to make a complete prat of myself.  I am ok on my own or when I am writing it but when it comes to conversation with a local or someone who is proficient I get very flustered.  I am doing ok and still enjoying it so will continue for the time being.

We were going out with our neighbours this evening and decided on Faros in Latchi (surprise surprise).  It was the most beautiful evening and we arrived to a marvellous sunset over the marina.  We had a lovely evening - they are good company and we certainly have a right old laugh when we are together.  Sharon's daughter Katya is very quiet but a lovely girl who probably found the four of us a complete embarrassment!!  After dinner we walked along the marina looking at the nightlife in Latchi which has such a wonderful holiday atmosphere and called into Roberts Supermarket to have a look at what they were giving away - Sharon bought Katya a really pretty top - a lot of the stuff in there is well priced - it is where I get my Ipanema and Grendha flipflops at a bargain price.

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