Friday, 13 July 2012

An Ordinary Monday...

I thought you might like to see how my little lovelies are getting used to having other people in the house.  Yesterday during the tennis Minnie Mou actually came and lay on Mum's lap for a little while having a cuddle and a bit of love - not for long granted but she did it of her own accord. Note the throws on the sofa so that I no longer have to scrape guests off with a fish slice - also note that they don't stay in place too well either!!

Mum became Chivers new BFF (sorry Deb) when she hand fed him some salmon stick treat which he got for no other reason than he is a big old cutie and we love him!  Once again he slept on the bed last night gently cooking my feet at about gas mark 7.

With no visitor this week I returned to my normal Monday routine of Art and lunch at Sheila and Klaus's.  I was a bit late arriving because we managed to catch Irene and get some Frontline to do both the cats which is good as Chivers has had two ticks on his face recently and we called by Marian and Chris's house to check the pool and found the level had dropped yet again - we have topped it up and let them know that there might be an issue.

The work on my Clematis picture continues - the photograph is on the left and my attempt is on the right - I am now working on the bottom half and the second flower is beginning to take shape - I think there is probably about another two Monday's work left before I need to start another subject - as yet to be decided upon.  I know I say it every week but I am so enjoying using this medium and having the wisdom and encouragement of Sheila is priceless - not to mention the fantastic lunches that Klaus rustles up - today's was no exception as I sat down to enjoy a mushroom rissotto, mushroom, haloumi, pepper and lounza kebabs, coleslaw and some cheese ball things that had been made from haloumi and breadcrumbs - DELICIOUS!  and I don't feel guilty as John loathes mushrooms.

Klaus and Sheila have also given me a plant for the garden taken from one of theirs which I admired - I dont know what it is but bet that someone will enlighten me!  It has soft green whispy foliage and pretty pink flowers which bloom at the end of long stems.  I just need to decide where to locate it.

There was no greek lesson for me again this week as Sam is on holiday - normal service resumes next week and I need to knuckle down and do some homework now that Deb has gone back.  We still went down to Polis after Art as we needed some shopping and had agreed to get some shopping in for Sharon, Sean and Katya who arrive too late on Wednesday to do it for themselves.  Job done we are now back home - John is cleaning Gregoris's pool and I am catching up on the blog before that dreaded homework.  It is strange not to have any tennis to watch!

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