Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sunday - A Day of Rest...

We all seemed to have a really good night's sleep last night - no doubt the food, wine and late night star gazing all contributed!!  Whatever it was we woke refreshed and ready to face another day!  Wendy and Bill have invited us to Pissouri on Wednesday night to join them at the regular Cyprus Night that is held in the square.  We are going to go as it will be a laugh if nothing else.  John came up with a brilliant idea to ask Mum and Dad to cat-sit for us and take advantage of the reduced humidity up here.  That way we can stay overnight and not have to worry about collarless cats or cat food being left lying around as they seem to prefer the wet food in this heat rather than biscuits. Good old Mum and Dad have agreed to do it and that means when we return on Thursday we can spend the remainder of the day with them as it will be our 21st Wedding Anniversary (Who said we wouldn't make it???) and we are going to try the Monasteroui taverna in Kallepia.

So back to today then...  Wendy was the first physically up and out of bed although I had been lying there for a while contemplating moving - strangely neither cat had been in to tell us that they were feeling peckish.  I have a little routine when I rise which involves opening all the doors and windows, watering my plants and filling the cat water bowls dotted around the garden before feeding the gruesome twosome.  As I opened the windows to the conservatory I could see why the cats had not been about - my washing line was on the floor and each of the cats had adopted one of our blue swimming towels as their preferred place of slumber!!  Little buggers must have been swinging on the towels during the night and the line snapped.  I remember that I had seen Mins terrorising a fledgling last night and it has sought refuge from her under the decking that is below the washing line.  On further investigation it would appear that the cats had tried to dig it out and my towels must have got in their way!

It soon became apparent that the fledgling had broken for cover whilst we were sitting contemplating whether or not to have breakfast.  The sight of Chivers running around with the poor little thing squeaking for Cyprus in his mouth somewhat put us off - I assured Wendy and Bill that he wouldn't eat it as he never has done before when he sat down in front of us and chomped his way through eating everything but the legs which he left for an ant to try and drag away.  We decided to leave breakfast and opted for an early morning swim before saying goodbye to Wendy and Bill until Wednesday.

The temperature began to rise quickly today although thankfully again we had no humidity but it meant that we were definitely not going to do much for the rest of the day - it was just too damn hot!!!  Our friends from down the road, Melanie and Simon were going to wander round later in the afternoon for a cuppa but apart from that nothing else on the agenda.

Chivers has become quite the hunter and there seems so much around at the moment for him to chase after even though it leaves him breathless and panting he just wont calm down.  This afternoon there was a lizard under the decking at T&V corner and Chivs kept running from one side to the other stopping to sniff its whereabouts on the way.  He then lay as though he was asleep in our bedroom doorway waiting for the lizard to move - when it did Chivs was in such hot pursuit that he ran face first into the wooden fence and then looked around to make sure that no-one had been watching.

A pleasant hour or so was passed under the gazebo with Melanie and Simon and John's famous 'hand-made cookies' before they set off back to Emba and work and we mooched down the village to catch up with Alkisti and arrange the next Droushia Ladies Lunch.  I didn't want to not have a lunch in August because even if just two or three of us go it will keep up the momentum but it is very hot then so decided that something light would be a good idea so we are just going to have some dips and salad, lounza and halloumi and fruit with a glass of wine or two and while away the afternoon under the vines.

We spoke to Vicki and Trev tonight - can you believe it but in the middle of July they are sitting in their cottage with a log fire lit - how crazy is that???

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