Saturday, 28 July 2012

They are Building the Road - AGAIN...

It has been about a year since any work was done on the field next door and everyday that goes by without any activity is a bonus - I have lived in hope that the credit crunch will mean that nothing ever happens but we are never that lucky and this morning we were woken by truck load after truck load of what looked like topsoil being delivered.  It transpired that it was not top soil but some sort of hardcore and apparently the existing road which was put in last year is 'all wrong' and so over the next few days we will have to put up with the digger and the roller keeping us company.  Deep joy - we are surrounded by builders and it looks like that is going to be the case for several years to come.  Welcome to Cyprus the land of dust and construction!

I left John to the sound of heavy plant moving and sought solace at Sheila and Klaus's.  I had thought I would finish my clematis picture but after nearly three hours of work I still have the bottom left hand corner to complete - Klaus says Sheila and I talk too much and he probably has a point!  The four of us are off out together on Thursday Night when we are going to sample the delights of Finnikas - a taverna in the village which John and I have never seen open!!  We are also going to sample the delights of the Droushia Festival in a couple of weeks when the headline act is a guy called Antipas who is apparently 'big in Greece!'.  So back to art then - next week I will see this picture finished and then start on my Morning Glory picture - we plan to exchange the two old pictures we have of Prague which are in the lounge with my two works of art!

From Art I went onto my Greek lesson with Sam in Prodromi.  Apparently she is having mixed success with James Bond and the catflap.  There is going to have to be a period of coaxing and bribing to get him used to the mechanism!!!  I think I have a faltering grasp of the Greek I have learnt so far - faced with questions from Sam I get very confused but she says I am doing fine and I will persevere until it is no longer enjoyable.

When I finally returned home John was busy busy busy making a shaded shelter for the cats which Minnie Mou was giving the once over.  We have little to no shade in the garden and at the weekend we found her scrunched up under the water butt trying to find respite from the sun.  John decided to cover in the bottom of his workbench for them - it used to be their all-weather toilet but now that they no longer use cat litter that was surplus to requirement.  She seemed satisfied enough having sniffed all round it and then settled down on the towel I had put inside.

The goats have been back or at least the goatherd is back with goats - probably a new lot and there are some real little ones in there which are really quite sweet.  Mins and Chivs jump over the fence and do a lot of posturing when they arrive but beat a hasty retreat if any one of them gets too close!  John shouts Kleftico at the goats which is rather insensitive!!

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