Monday, 9 July 2012

A Trip to some of our Favourite Places...

So little time and so many lovely places that we would like to show Debra so today was a whirlwind tour of some of our favourite places.  Previous visitors will know the route - Lara, Viklari, St George's Bay.

We took the cross country route out of the back of Droushia where there is plenty of evidence of the ravages of fire - it looks bleak now but amazingly in the autumn after the first lot of rain it all begins to green up.

We just about managed to avoid all the safari jeeps and get to Lara in one piece - it was a fleeting visit just enough for a photo opportunity and to look out across that magnificent bay.  It looks like quite a bit of work had been done there over the winter as they have vastly improved the steps which take you from the carpark to the beach.  We carried on from there along the coast to Viklari (AKA the Last Castle).

We had booked for an early lunch so that we could spend the afternoon at the beach and were thrilled that we had one of the best tables from which to enjoy that view.  Food at Viklari is simple - souvla, salad and chunky wedges or jackets and if you book their bean stew which I love and which I had booked!!  Simple food but cooked to its best and accompanied by stunning surroundings.  Debra has enjoyed everywhere that we have eaten and as the only thing she doesn't like is coconut taking her out or cooking for her is a pleasure.  I hope to goodness she wasn't planning on losing any weight whilst she was over here what with the food and the booze we have consumed!!!

We had our lunch and made a damn good dent in the food before going along the coast to St George's Bay where we had planned to spend a couple of hours.  Anyone who knows us knows that we have all the gear - hammocks, chairs, brolley, coolbox and lovely man who carries it all onto the beach and endures the sun and the beach even though he doesn't sunbathe himself.  The water was lovely and John and I did go in for a little dip - unfortunately the stones at the edge were more than a little slippery so Deb only managed a paddle.  John wandered off to take some photographs and seek solace in the shade giving us an hour or so's rays.  There was a lovely breeze which made relaxing all too easy so it was probably a good thing when John came to encourage us to pack up - we should have been grateful to him because an hour or so later it was clear that we really had had enough.

We were out again this evening - for more food!!!  This time we were eating at the local taverna Christos's and it was such a lovely evening sitting out under the grapevine.  I had pre-ordered Pastichio for me which Alkisti was baking fresh and Debra decided to try that too - John opted for a roasted rabbit dish.  Several tourists had found the taverna and so there was a really good atmosphere in the place - we had a great meal (yet another) quite a few drinkies and a stagger home to sit in the cool under the gazebo into the wee small hours.

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