Monday, 13 August 2012

An Early Morning trip to Polis...

We had to be up and out early this morning as we needed to be at the bank in Polis for 8.30am.  Polis is still rather a quaint old town with a lot of fantastic buildings which could really benefit from some TLC.  I quite often walk past thinking that if our friends John and Sue were here then they could take one of these run down old ruins and turn it into something really special.  We can often be heard commenting 'bet John would love to get his hands on this building!'.  I think before the 'crisis' there were high hopes for Polis to expand and become a bit more metropolitan but to be honest we rather like it the way that is it - although in the winter you can sometimes feel like you are the only person walking around the place!

There is probably quite some history to Polis and its buildings - it could do with some of those blue badge guided tours to explain what you are looking at.  We found the one above by peering through some grotty old shuttering.

We managed to get our business at the bank sorted.  I know I have said it before but a visit to the bank is such a pleasant experience as all the staff know us and speak to us and the bank manager always makes a point of coming out of his office and asking how we are - I can't imagine that happening in the UK but then they don't have things like bank managers any more just youngsters acting as your personal adviser - at their tender ages what do they know??

As we were down in Polis John was keen to spend a quiet hour or so sipping tea and eating cake at Tina's the Art Cafe.  His hopes were dashed when we found she doesn't open until 10.00am - and it all looked so inviting all ready for customers, cool and shady - but not to be today.  Disappointed we shot into Paps to pick up a few bits and pieces and then home for a massive Olympics-fest.

We spent the afternoon shouting for sports we don't know anything about.  How fantastic were the dancing horses (dressage) and whoever chose the music for the winning performance deserves a medal - it makes such a change for Brits to be patriotic for once and proud.  I am now a dressage convert!!  The women's boxing was also a bit of a revelation - not handbags at dawn like I imagined and well done to Nicola Adams for reserving her spot in history.  I can't believe she is 29 she looked more like 18!

All that watching sport can prove to be very tiring plus it is very hot indoors at the moment so each evening we retire to the pool for a cool down - at 6.30pm the temperature indoors is 34 degrees and it doesn't cool down much even though the outside temperature does fall away.  Anyway our evening dip was followed by tea and great excitement in the Wiseman house as we were picking the first tomato from the plants that Simon and Melanie gave us.  We have quite a few more to come as well so hopefully we will be able to offer Hazel fresh home grown toms when she is here next week.

We also had a call from Galadia who had been making my favourite pudding (Mahalepi) again and came round clutching two bowls and the accompanying rosewater together with her recipe which I am going to try and perfect and then I can return the compliment - I hope she is not expecting it any time soon!!

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