Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day Five of Hazel's Holiday...

Better late than never we have adopted a responsible sunbathing routine and so today we were having a bit of a tour of the coastline so that Hazel could have a better look at our neck of the woods.  It is most definitely more rugged up here and has always been our favourite part of Cyprus.

We started off with a second look at the shoes in the sale at Festival in Polis and Hazel managed to find one more little pairs of flip-flops to squeeze in her case and I actually managed to get a pair of heels!!!  John keeps telling me that I need to get some heels otherwise I will forget how to walk in them, however his idea of heels is not quite mine - I have to keep telling him that if he likes them that much he can wear them!!!

We then moved up the coast deciding to end up in Pomos Point for lunch (this is probably my most favourite place in Cyprus).  En route we called into what I think is called Ayia Marina Plage so that Hazel could take some photographs of the coastline and then followed the winding coast road before pulling off the road and down to the Marina at Pomos.  It is just so beautiful there, the colours are amazing and the sea is absolutely crystal clear.  It is the best place to snorkel and when Hazel comes back we will most definitely go there.

They have done quite a lot of work on the beach at Pomos, erecting a permanent life-guard station (that must be one doddle of a job!!!) and a little shack selling soft drinks and belting out some reggae music!

We opted to have lunch up in the taverna that overlooks the harbour bagging a prime seat with a view to die for and ordered dips and salad - Hazel was in heaven - it is a wonderful place and we are so lucky to have it almost on our doorstep.

Our trip back home was via Paradise Point so that Hazel could pick up a T-Shirt advertising their Jazz Festival for her son Jordan.  Jordan is a bit of a musician so she thought he would appreciate it.  It turned out to be a nice T-Shirt - only problem was that it was advertising the Jazz Festival that they held last year!!!!  Still no-one will be the wiser!!! 

We also stopped off at various points along the coast for more photo opportunities before calling into Yia-Yia's at To Karavani for a well-earned Frappe.  If Hazel does come back we will have very little left to show her at this rate!!!  Still she said that she had a lovely day and as she doesn't like sitting in the sun all day loved the opportunity to get out and about and see the real Cyprus - the Cyprus that we know and love.

We were absolutely chuffed that we had managed to get a table at Orexi (thanks Mel, Simon, Caroline and Terry for letting us squat at the end of yours!!).  We just knew that as a vegetarian Hazel would love the food and we weren't wrong.  We had a fantastic meal sat in the garden next to Bassam's new 'water feature' eating and drinking and laughing - I am not sure why we had so many conversations that centred on male genitalia!  Hazel said she sampled vegetarian food the like of which she had never had before and we managed to sink two bottles of wine - no-one needed any rocking when we got home!

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