Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day Two of Hazel's Holiday...

So on to day two of Hazel's holiday and after a quiet-ish day in yesterday (apart from the decibel level of the Zilla Project) we took her out today to explore a bit of our end of the island.  This is, of course, a picture of a goat and not Hazel but as we drove down to Latchi on what we call the Egyptian's Road the goats were penned in awaiting their daily walk and Hazel wanted to take a picture of them - we resisted the temptation to shout Kleftiko at them as Hazel is a vegetarian! 

We had decided to drive down to Polis campsite and get John to drop us off so that we could walk along to Latchi Marina.  John was doing the gentlemanly thing of waiting for us at the other end and would no doubt be hugging a small shandy when we got to him!! 

It was a bank holiday here in Cyprus today (something to do with the Virgin Mary) and every man and his dog were likely to be at the beach - except that dogs are not allowed on Latchi beach - but when has a little rule like that every stopped a Cypriot I wonder!!!

As anticipated the campsite was fit to burst - the campers unseemingly bothered about the conditions, the noise, the dogs (yes dogs) or the close proximity of their neighbouring campers - having said that it all looked really good fun and, as there appears to be only four founding families in Cyprus they were probably all related anyway so it didn't matter how close they were to one another!!

Hazel and I took that lovely walk from the campsite along the coast to Latchi Marina - a route familiar to all our visitors although it is possibly more pleasant at other times of the year because to be honest it was too hot - the sun radiating off of the path was burning our skin and me hopping across the sands was reminiscent of a scene out of 10 - I can confirm that it was hot - bloody hot - but that made the thought of a dip in the sea even more inviting.

We had taken both the Canon cameras and Hazel took the opportunity to capture some pretty decent shots along the way.   I had slathered on the factor for her today so that we didn't get a repeat of yesterday when the sun had done its worst!  We made our way to the marina, stopping so that I could dust off my school girl French and speak to a group of people who were valiantly trying to push a group of disabled adults along the path and who wanted a group photograph taken - I take my hat off to them in that heat I have to say - so after a lot of manoeuvring and 'fromage' I managed to get it done.  John was patiently waiting for us in Faros - nursing a shandy as predicted!  We decided to stay there for a little snackette before pitching our sunloungers on the beach and slipping into the sea.

The sea did not disappoint - it was like a bath.  For once the current was kind as it was pushing you back into the shore so it meant that Hazel could swim further out of her depth than normal and snorkel in amongst the areas where there were plenty of fish to be seen.  It was really lovely and although it was a bank holiday the beach was nowhere near as busy as we had anticipated.

We only had a couple of hours - once bitten, twice shy in terms of sunburn!  We packed up made our way home had a swim and relaxed before getting ready to go out.

I dont know quite what happened with this picture but John seems to have something growing out of the top of his head!!!  Anyway we had been sensible enough to book a table at Yanni's in Kathikas - good job too as he was absolutely packed to the gunnels.  Mum and Dad had joined us as they have both known Hazel for more years than we care to mention!!!  It was a lovely if slightly chaotic evening!

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