Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hang on in There Little Mo...

As we now know poor Mark had an interrupted night's sleep because he didn't know about the remote control for the fan so spent time in the pool and on a sun lounger in the dark trying to cool down.  We were mortified because we know how awful it is when it is so hot you cannot sleep.  Methinks the call of an air-conditioning unit for the bedrooms is getting louder (particularly as we read that the temperatures are going to get very hot again next weekend).  I think I shall have to start looking out for offers on that front and then we can save our pennies in readiness.

Separated at Birth!!!

The boys opted to take their early morning cuppa in the cool of the pool - who can blame them!!  Nicky and I lounged around before we all decided upon bacon butties for breakfast - the Kirby's are on holiday after all or that is how they say they feel when they come and stay - even with the workmen doing their best to sabotage our peace.  We have already pencilled in the next get together so that we do not let time slip too far - even so it will be September before we meet up!

We said goodbye to the Kirby's who passed Mum and Dad who were on their way up here.  Mum and Dad and John and I had been invited to a barbeque at Irene and Dennis's - that is 'Cat Irene' the lady who spends so much of her own time trying to ensure that the feral cat population in Droushia is fit and healthy and where appropriate spayed or neutered.  This endeavour is met by differing reactions - some positive, some negative and some just plain indifferent but if it were not for her we would not have our two little lovelies Chivers and Minnie Mou and we would prefer something happened to the stuff we are getting rid of rather than it go in the bin.  Anyway as a thank you for all the stuff which people have given Irene to sell on her market stall she was repaying them by holding a barbeque.

Little Mo
Prior to setting off for the Barbeque we had a panic phonecall from Irene asking if we could feed the feral cats up the road as 'something had happened' which had left her running late but which she would explain when she saw us.  This was no problem for us so we did what she wanted and then set off for Lordos 2 (getting a bit lost around the mast) and finally finding Irene and Dennis's house. 

It soon became apparent that the something which had left her running late was a tiny tiny kitten (which we have christened Little Mo) who had been left in a carrier bag hanging on Irene's gate on Friday night.  Fortunately for some reason Irene happened to go outside and find the bag otherwise Little Mo would have suffocated or died of starvation/dehydration.  Irene had been giving her three hourly feeds ever since in the hopes that Little Mo would pull through.  It has been a very very unfortunate start for a kitten which can be no more than about two weeks old.

Being Fed by Running Sue
When we arrived Chez Irene, Little Mo was being nursed by Running Sue (yes the same Running Sue that we were out with on Friday!).  Sue made sure that Little Mo got her bottle and then nestled her down the front of her T-Shirt explaining that when they lived in the UK and kept chickens she used to do the same with the young chicks when they were sickly.  At this point Dad remarked that he wasn't feeling 100%!!!

Anyway back to the barbeque - Irene had done the most fantastic job cooking souvla on the barbeque which would have given Viklari a run for its money.  Although Mum and Dad only know Irene in passing they were made to feel really welcome and there was a lovely mix of people, some we knew and some we did not.  Conversation was never short and when we got onto the subject of learning the language Running Sue was busy telling me that she knows loads of things and has quite an extensive vocabulary but with her deep Lancashire accent who the hell was going to understand what she was saying - point taken as even when she speaks English it can be a struggle!!! 

If Little Mo survives Irene is going to have to find her a new home and has even offered to help with any expenses for the first year.  Unfortunately sweet as she is (Little Mo not Irene) most of us, if not all of us, round the table have already taken a waif and stray or two and given them a home.  John is busy breaking the news to Little Mo that he cannot take her home with him - our cats would have their noses put so far out of joint and we only have two laps so three cats is no good!  If any of you reading this blog think you know anyone who might like to give this little fighter a home please let me know and I can put you in touch with Irene - if it were up to me I would say yes to them all but there is only so much we can do.  I just think that any kitten that survives what this one has gone through in its short little life deserves a kind and loving home.  After a really lovely afternoon we said our goodbye's as Mum and Dad were travelling back to Emba and we don't like them doing it too late at night.  We shall see them later in the week when we have to go back down to Paphos again for the car.

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