Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ladies Wot Lunch - August Meeting...

Today being the first of the Month and a Wednesday to boot meant that it was the next Ladies Wot Lunch Meeting and today I had opted for a light lunch (it being August and rather too hot for a full meal) and I had decided to go to Christos's taverna in the village to support Alkisti.  I thought it would be pleasant to sit under the grapevines in the shade and nibble away at dips and salad with an odd glass of wine or two thrown in.  I had thought that the numbers would be reduced it being peak holiday season and it is difficult to gauge exactly what people expect.  Still I was delighted that we had sixteen ladies from Droushia and surrounding areas booked in.  Unfortunately poor Rosie had to cancel at the last minute having been to the dentist earlier in the morning and then being told that she couldn't eat or drink for a while!  Still as Marianna from the community office pitched up unexpectedly the numbers ultimately remained the same.  Actually I was really pleased that Marianna came as she was the only Cypriot amongst us and it must be quite daunting at times - at least it gave Susan and I a chance to practice our pitiful Greek!!

Marianna came armed with information about what is going on in the village as it is now coming to festival time.  Apparently in our little amphitheatre on Friday week there is a traditional Greek play being put on.  We had planned to go and check this out last year but went out in Paphos instead so missed it so this time we are going to wander down to see what is occurring - it will be good to see the theatre in use - I think the last time was at Easter.  She also came with a poster for the Droushia festival which is being held the following day (Saturday 11th).  Posters for this event can be seen as far afield as Paphos so the 'headline act' Antipas must be somebody quite special - I have checked him out on YouTube and, well, Greek Music is all Greek to me and kind of sounds all the same but if you want to get a little taster of what we are in for then listen here ANTIPAS.  Still nothing ventured, nothing gained and we have it on good authority from the Knips' that it is a good night out and we are going to give it a go!

The empty table under the vines was soon filled as was the air with the sound of chat and laughter - our regular meetings mean that we are all getting to know one another a little bit better and the group has also welcomed attendees from Kathikas, Aroudes and Prodromi!  Our light lunch comprised Greek salad, village bread, tahini, tzaziki, olives and pickled caper leaves, lounza and halloumi, a homemade Cypriot pudding, carafes of wine and water followed by Cyprus coffee or Nescafe for the princely sum of €6.50!  I hope that people enjoyed it - I think they did.  Some of us stayed on after lunch for a chat and a gin and tonic - there are so much worse places to be on a Wednesday afternoon I can tell you.  As the afternoon progressed we were joined by several husbands seeking out their wayward wives and whilst John and I beat a hasty retreat we have learned today that Linda, Denise, the two Vals and their respective husbands made a day and night of it - eating again later!

I was really pleased that we had such a good turn out for our local venue.  I have always found Alkisti very welcoming - the only trouble is that you can never just pitch up at the taverna and find it open!  If you give her notice she will open for you at any time and if you tell her what you would like to eat in advance she will cook it fresh for you and all the meals we have had there have been good.  I am going to book when Hazel is over and discuss with Alkisti what she can produce for a vegetarian - I am sure that whatever it is it will be delicious.  We like going there in the winter when the log fire is burning and the family ensure you sit right on top of it to keep warm and this year if we are invited to 'pop in' at Christmas we will be more prepared for the dishes of food that appear from the kitchen and make sure we allow sufficient time to appreciate it rather than shoot off no sooner than we have arrived because we are between courses at home!

By the time I returned home Chivers made it very clear that there were others in the household that needed feeding too!  He normally gets right in the cupboard whilst I am deciding what he and Minnie are to have to eat.  We said we wouldn't give them wet food but they love it and as they eat it all, and lick the pattern off of the plate given half a chance, we are happy to put it down as there is never anything left to encourage flies.  It is hard to imagine our house without them now even though we haven't had them quite a year - Chivers' birthday (or at least the birthday we gave him as we could not be sure exactly when he was born) is coming up soon - August 7th and he will be the grand old age of one bless him.  On the subject of cats there was news of Little Mo today from Irene although not entirely positive.  Irene took her to the vets for a once over but they are concerned that she may have some neurological damage as her mobility is not as expected they assured Irene that it was worthwhile persevering for a while so that they can monitor her progress - fingers crossed that she will pull through relatively unscathed from her really dreadful start in life.

Having sat and watched an evening of swimming at the Olympics John decided that we should go for a dip in the pool (in the dark) so that we could cool down before going to bed.  He looks to be doing his own version of front crawl or maybe it is one armed butterfly and will no doubt be called up for the GB team in 2016 as, like every other man I know who watches sport, he always says he would do better given the chance!!

It has been a much quieter day here today as there were no men in the field.  Marianna tells us that they should stop next Monday for two weeks as this is the standard summer holiday period here in Cyprus - unless they want money in which case they will continue to work - I am praying for the former as we have Hazel coming to stay.  All Fingers are well and truly CROSSED.

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