Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Quiet Sunday

Somehow after today life will never seem quite the same again - why so????? well today saw the end of the Paralympics and a summer of such sporting excellence that we are going to feel quiet bereft.  It was been such a pleasure to watch people participating in sport with such pride and joy - I think professional footballers could learn a lot from the likes of David Weir who, in my opinion, deserves whatever money is coming his way as a result of his success.

Prior to settling down this evening with eyelids very firmly propped up so as not to miss anything we had the remainder of Sunday to get through and having been to the nursery yesterday I wanted to get a bit of gardening done.  We had bought some nice pots so I wanted to try and get rid of all the boring old plastic ones.  I have quite a few cuttings and things that I am bringing on and some plants that will always live in the conservatory but it all looks a bit messy at the moment so to appease John and his OCD we are trying to get some uniformity going! 
Gardening is still proving a bit of a challenge and I am wondering what casualties I will get over the winter!  Strangely I have lost one gazania when all the others are doing well.  My myrtle plant is struggling whilst Pam and George have a huge one in their garden which is flowering and has fruit.  My geraniums are looking dire - are they too dry or have I over-watered at some point?  Time will tell but I can just see that if I am not careful I will just end up with a garden full of lantana - nice flowers but a horrible smell!
We are still trying to decide exactly what to do with the wall under the new pergola in the front of the garden and I had the inspired idea of moving the two ladies heads that we had brought out with us from the UK.
I have finally managed to find something that will grow in the top of them courtesy of Wheelie Cyprus Helen who have me some cuttings of this flower from her garden.  Amazingly both John and I agreed that these would look better repositioned from the back garden on the fence to here in the front.
I nearly had a nasty accident as I was just walking past one this afternoon when it parted company with the nail that was holding it up.  It brushed down my leg and I think that broke its fall and although it didn't smash the lady has now lost her nose although John thinks it makes her look more 'antique'.  He has now put up a properly rawl-plugged screw for them both and so these should not fall down again - well at least I hope so.  I am still looking for something to put in the gap that is directly in front of you when you walk out of the front door.  I think some sort of mirror would be good so we are keeping our eyes open.
We have a busy week ahead what with going down to Mum and Dad's on Tuesday before they go away and our forthcoming camping trip just round the corner so we opted for a slobby evening and a film. 
Amazon is really helpful on this score because if you look up a film it will show other films that you might enjoy so having watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (courtesy of Sharon and Sean up the road) I looked on Amazon and it recommended The Help.  Spookily I had noticed that George up the road was reading the book. 
We settled down to watch the film - I was concerned that it might be too girlie for John but he said he thought it was excellent - he couldn't really say 'enjoyed' as it was rather thought-provoking and personally I have never been able to get to grips with man's inhumanity to man and find it uncomfortable watching but so necessary for this film and probably quite tame compared to exactly what went onf.  It got an SFP rating (suitable for parents) but they will have to wait to watch it.
John did not manage to stay awake for the closing ceremony but I did and although Jay-Z is not my cup of tea I thought the whole event was spectacular - the fireworks at the end were out of this world - absolutely out of this world.

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