Monday, 24 September 2012

At Home with the Hazzells

When in Rome...
If you are staying here in Droushia then experiencing the outside shower is mandatory and I seem to remember that Trevor wimped out last year so this year he was determined to be a brave bunny and give it a go.  Who knows maybe Vicki will try it herself at some point?  So it is day two of the Hazzells holiday and day one with us and as they are planning on moving out here I have decided to continue with my normal activities and Vicki is going to come along to the craft ones and Trev will probably adopt a horizontal position in the sun or read his kindle.  As Mum and Dad are away they have loaned Trev and Vix their car and so at some point they are going to find their own way around the island.  To be honest the week will fly by and they probably wont get round to doing half the things that they had planned but then there is always the next time.

It being Monday I was off to art at Sheila and Klaus's.  They currently have visitors over from Germany (Klaus's brother and sister in law) but like me Sheila wanted to continue with some of her regular activities and so she had very kindly invited Vix to come along and had even sorted out a little project for her to start on with step by step instructions and of course an excellent tutor on tap! 

I am still working on my picture of the Morning Glory - Teacher Sheila tells me that I am become an expert on recreating leaves!!!  I realise that I know so much more now about how to use the pencils because it is taking me more time to do smaller areas - it is going to take some time to get this picture finished and then I am faced with the dilemma of what to do next although every time Sheila lays the table for lunch I look at her beautiful place mats and think I will try and recreate them - they are pictures of lilies.
We returned from craft and I left Vix with the boys so that I could go off to my Greek Lesson.  I am beginning to forget things that I learnt a couple of weeks ago but bless Sam she is so encouraging - although she is hardly going to tell me I am a duffer!! 
On returning from Greek we all went off to Arodes to see the house that Vix and Trev could potentially rent if they are lucky enough to sell their house.  It is down the road from Crafty Jane and Mark and has stunning views across to Lara.  John and I had been to see it previously and thought it would be ideal and had posted some photographs on the Internet for Vix and Trev to see.  Nothing quite compares to seeing something in the raw particularly when it comes to room sizes and layout etc.  Vicki thought it would be ideal and that was confirmed when she got there even though the property has been empty for a while and is in need of a little TLC - nothing major more cosmetic really as all buildings here seem to suffer from peeling plaster!!
Not only does the property come with stunning views it also came with hot and cold running geckos!!!  This was a particularly big bugger that was sunning itself on an outside wall until we tried to get a photograph of it when it made a bid for cover!  Anyway the general opinion was that the house would be ideal - as a starting point at any rate and we returned home with Vix and Trev feeling quite excited.  They were even more excited when they received a text message from home to say that they had their first viewing at the cottage on Thursday - it only takes one person to walk through the door and love a property and they have everything crossed that this might just be the one, having said that they are being sensible and not raising their hopes too much. 
After a busy old day there was nothing for it but to cool down in the swimming pool which is now at a temperature of about 79 degrees and has to be covered as soon as possible each evening.  Temperatures at night are dropping away and the very very heavy condensation makes it feel cooler than it probably is.  Our visitors don't seem to mind as it is the most settled weather they have experienced all summer!  Me, I am ready to get my fleeces out and put the duvet on the bed at any minute - it wont be long before we are begging for the cats to sleep on our feet at night to keep them warm - God I hope that the winter this year is better than it was last year - I look back at those photographs of the horizontal rain and rolling mists and shudder at the thought.

We ate outside under the gazebo and after the success of the Souvlaki we did on Saturday when camping decided to go for it again.  John has certainly perfected the art of getting the meat on the skewers cooked to perfection - it must have been good because Vicki went for seconds and I am not sure that pork is normally something she would choose.  They say that the food out here looks better and tastes better and being able to eat outside is definitely a bonus.  John and I are not very good at embracing outside eating so it is good for us to do it when we have visitors.

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  1. It was lovely to have you both and look forward to having you both again.
    Love Sheila x