Saturday, 29 September 2012

Latchi - Last Day for the Hazzells

It was Trevor and Vix's last day with us - they had to be at the airport at 7.00pm so we had all day and we wanted to go to Latchi as some of the girlies from the Wednesday craft group were selling their goodies at a craft show being held in Faros.  We decided that we would park at the Polis campsite and then walk along the beach to the Marina, check out the craft show, then walk back along the coast path to the car either having lunch at the Marina or somewhere else.  It was an absolutely beautiful day down on the coast and the walk along the beach was beautiful as we had competitions to find the best pebble or the first seashell!
We are so spoilt up in this part of the island - the scenery is spectacular and it never seems to be over-run with tourists!  There is a lot of work going on at Latchi to improve the amenities but it still seems to retain an innocence that Paphos lacks.
We had a lovely walk - the bit at the end was a little difficult as the path has still to be finished so we had to do a bit of an illegal scramble over some rocks at the end but apart from that it was all good!   The work at the Marina continues and is looking really good - shame it will probably not be finished until the winter when all the tourists have gone!!! We made our way along the tavernas until we got to Faros and having witnessed the scrum which was the craft show opted to sit it out with a drink until the crowds had subsided!!

See what I mean!!!  Anyway it was good to see that there were a lot of people taking an interest in what was for sale.  I caught up with Jeannette and Pam from Wednesdays and Jo from Steni Thursday Group and also bumped into Mum and Dad's friends Janet and Arthur who were perusing what was on offer.

Shopping over we walked back to where we had left the car.  It was now getting very hot indeed and we decided that we would go to YiaYia's at To Karabani for our lunch and sit in the shade under a carob tree. We have tried to show Trevor and Vicky as much as we can in a very short period of time - of course this has been super condensed and we normally might only do one of these things every couple of weeks!!! Still with lunch costing us only €5 a head it is hardly the end of the world!

On our return to Droushia we had to rescue a snake from the swimming pool at Shaun and Sharon's as it had given Irene a bit of a shock.  It was only a little tacker and was swimming hard and John picked it out with a shovel and a brush because we think it was a Montpellier Snake and if it was then it is venomous.

It begs the question as to what the resident feral cats were up to - they certainly weren't doing their job!!!  In fact the very vocal Fluffer was giving it a stiff ignoring and was giving her ear a good old scratch!!!
She will be so happy that Shaun and Sharon are back out again very soon - she loves to have company and we do our best to make sure we go and see her most days and give her a bit of attention.
Neighbour Pam was doing neighbourhood watch as she had heard voices and wondered what was occurring.  We explained what we had been doing!  She and George are only here for a couple more days and even though we don't see them that much we will miss them.
So the remainder of the day flew by and before long it was time for Vicky and Trev to pack up their things and for us to head on down to the airport and say our goodbyes.  If their plans come to fruition it may only be a couple of months before they are back again and for good.  They have already had a couple of viewings of their cottage.  We can both remember that mixed bag of feelings when you have a whole new life waiting for you.
Goodbye's done and the final wave as they went through departures.  We stopped off at Mum and Dad's to have a quick coffee before returning to Droushia and that peculiar quiet and calm that you experience after having had visitors.  We are going for shutters shut and the cat's excluded tonight!

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  1. how white do i look between those boys ! too busy doing STUFF to get a tan ... great week thanks guys x