Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Old Keintonian's Get Together...

As a nod to the imminent arrival of autumn and, god forbid, winter we decided it was time to swap the furniture over and have the dining furniture under the gazebo and the sofa and chairs back in the conservatory.  We reckon that when Vix and Trev are here we would probably use it more that way round.  The temperature has dropped but it is still very pleasant - the only trouble with up here is that in the evenings here is a heavy condensation which means sitting outside can be rather a damp experience.  I am now beginning to really worry about our camping experience which comes later this week - where are my thermals?????
We made a trip down to Paphos this afternoon - we had some shopping to do and John needed to change the shower shelf we had got for George and Pam as we had got them a corner one and it was really too big.  John was also calling in to Mum's friend Eileen to have a look at her troublesome tap.

This is a picture of Eileen's cat Tinker who is an absolute miracle as she is completely blind but finds her way around Eileen's flat and balcony without any problem at all.  She 'looks' at you when you speak to her (or she hears the camera) and can catch a fly with no bother at all and, when she has had enough of you, she will make it known that she wants you to leave!
This evening we were catching up with Mum and Dad before they jet off to the UK to celebrate Uncle David's 80th Birthday which is on 16th September (same day as Dad's and John's).  I know it is a bit of a trek for them but I think they will have a fantastic time as Dad will get to see his brothers and sisters - even Uncle Doug who lives in Canada - and my sister and husband are going along with my niece Ellie and her husband Andy and my nephew Michael, my other nephew Matthew will be missing as he is settling into his new life in Dubai.
We were also meeting up with Angela and Richard Bassham who have just come back from the UK and who lived in Keinton Mandeville as did we (many years ago).  We were trying the taverna called Epsilon on the Emba by-pass and it tickled me to see that one of the choices was MEAT BOWLS - for which read MEAT BALLS!!!
Dad, John, Angela and Richard all plumped for the Meze which was excellent - there was so much food and quite a few different dishes to the norm and at €15 a head good value for money.  I was torn between the Meze and the chicken marsala and went for the marsala which was lovely but I think the Meze was better!!!  Anyway all in all it was a good evening and certainly somewhere I would go back to again.
So it was Bye Bye to Mum and Dad and an uneventful ride home to find two little cats with their faces pressed up against the conservatory windows!!

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