Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our Romantic Night Away...

Periodically Mum, Dad, John and I go away for an overnight stay - a little 'holiday' away from our normal surroundings.  Last time we went for Mum's birthday in May and stayed at Maria's tea rooms in Souni.  This time we were going to celebrate John and Dad's birthday as it will take place when Mum and Dad are away.  We like to try and find small, individual little places and I had chosen I am just going to litter today's post with pictures of the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn in Nikoklia which I had seen on the Cyprus Agrotourism site and which looked like it would fit the bill.

Mum and Dad went for a little recce to check it out - they had been there over 20 years ago and their memory was of a very very basic place - it has now been turned into a traditional intimate inn and wedding venue - right up our street!  So I make no apology that I will just litter this post with photographs which really don't do justice to how quaint this place really is.
We can't be sure but looking at the bed in our room we think we may have got the bridal suite!!!  I nearly needed a set of steps to get up onto the mattress!!!  Going to the loo in the middle of the night was going to be interesting!!!  The room reminded us of the bedrooms at Droushia, cosy with beamed ceilings and lots of dark wood.  In fact we originally had a metal bedstead (but not a four poster).
Our bedrooms were upstairs overlooking a pretty little courtyard and with views which stretched across the countryside towards the wind farms.  It was hot but not humid and the shaded courtyard and gardens were very inviting.  We unpacked and Mum and I opted to go for a swim.  Dad decided to have a snooze and John managed to get access to the Inn's wi-fi - this was to become very important later in the evening!!!
Before dinner we all assembled on our little balcony for our regular 'game' and to make a dent in the drinkies and nibbles that we had brought with us.  We started early and quickly disposed of a couple of cartons of rose wine (not 10 litre ones I hasten to add!!).

The Inn is located out on its own and as we were only staying one night and as no-one wanted to drive we opted to eat there in the evening.  It was so pretty sitting under the vine covered pergola.  We had been warned that the venue can suffer with flies but then flies are a bit of an occupational hazard in Cyprus.  I can't say that there were any more flies here than anywhere else - in fact flies weren't the problem, the colony of tiny little nipping ants on our balcony were more of a nuisance but a quick dowsing with boiling water soon sorted them out!!  The food was standard traditional Cypriot fayre and we were treated to a complementary carafe of red wine to celebrate the birthdays which was actually pretty nice for a house wine so we decided we had better have a second!
So why the need for wi-fi???  Well Mum and Dad are addicted to the paralympics and there were some very key races taking place today so they had hoped that we might be able to set up our tablets to watch them.  Down in the courtyard reception was good enough to get live streaming so we were able to satisfy their cravings!!!  In fact Mum and I had to call it a day before the Weir-Wolf race and the Jonnie Peacock race and left John and Dad to it!


  1. looks lovely - will put it on our list of places to go when we retire x