Thursday, 27 September 2012

Swimming with Turtles...

Today, Friday, was Vicky and Trev's last full day with us and we decided that we would spend it on the beach as we haven't spent any time on the beach so far.  We called into Polis so that the Hazzells could check out of their holiday accommodation and hand back the keys.  Trevor took his turn at the wheel but as I said previously with a CRV of his own back in the UK and automatic as well there was very little difference between Mum and Dad's car and his.  Would you believe it that the warning light that keeps coming on never came on once this week - the Law of Sod I think that is called!!

We set up on the beach at Pomos Point - it was a bit lacking in sunbeds to begin with - that is also the Law of Sod because normally we put in our own but when we went with Nicky and Mark a couple of weeks ago there were plenty to be had!  It was only a short period of time though before some people left the beach and gave us their beds.  The water was absolutely beautiful and Vix was very excited because she hung back to go and take some photographs around the harbour and spotted a turtle swimming amongst the fish and not a small baby one.
We went back in search and periodically saw one raise its head above the water - we were so excited because the only other time we have seen one over here has been when there have been some babies in a tank at Lara Bay. 
There was even more excitement when Vix's patience paid off and she managed to capture one on video - so many thanks to her for allowing me to post this clip and of course for some of her photographs that I have been using this week - it makes a change for me to be in some of the pictures rather than behind the lens!
I went for a snorkel as the conditions at Pomos are always brilliant and swam my way through a soup of fish only to be grabbed by John as I came out to be told that he had been swimming with a turtle the other side of the harbour and that he had been trying to get my attention.  We raced back to where he had been swimming and I had the absolute privilege of a lifetime to swim with a fully grown loggerhead turtle - oh boy do I wish I had had an underwater camera with me to capture that moment - it was probably a once in a lifetime experience.  After lunch for the second time that day I wished I had an underwater camera as I swam through a school of squid.
We decided to take lunch at the Kanalli restaurant which sits overlooking the harbour and provides stunning views over the sea and across to the Turkish Flag which sits on the hill at Kokkino which remains a Turkish Enclave and as a result means that a coastal drive to Pyrgos involved a rather long detour!
Pomos is one of my most favourite places in Cyprus and has always been so.  I cant believe that we used to make the journey from Paphos with Mum and Dad some 20 years ago when (a) the road from Paphos to Pomos was single cinder track and (b) there was absolutely nothing there except the coastline.  In fact I have an old picture of John sat in what is now the car park on a chair reading the  Sun with Dad in the background.  Many an afternoon Dad and John have sat up in Kanalli whilst Mum and I have been sunbathing on the beach.

We have noticed a new sandwich area and viewing spot has sprung up on the way to Pomos Point and we stopped there on the way back  to take some photographs and appreciate exactly why it has been positioned where it has.  The view is stunning and it makes for a good little watering hole.

Mum and Dad returned from the UK yesterday after celebrating my uncle's 80th birthday which gave Dad the opportunity to meet up with all his brothers and sisters.  We wanted to catch up with them and Vicky and Trevor wanted to thank them for the loan of their car so we had arranged to eat at the Kleftico al fresco joint just up the road from their house.  You are literally sitting in their front garden!!!  I have to admit we had a great supper and Maria from the house topped it off by giving us some of her mother's soutzoukos (almonds dipped in grape juice) which is Mum's favourite!  I can't wait to try this place in the winter as they have 'done up' a metal container which apparently is lovely inside!!!  Time will tell!!!


  1. what a fantastic day - thanks for editing the video jill ( hadn't noticed the racket the car was making in the background) x

  2. John said exactly the same!!! What a brilliant day x