Wednesday, 12 September 2012

We Return to Droushia...

I woke this morning and crept out onto our little balcony to grab a picture of the wind farm bathed in an early morning pink glow - I know that there are very mixed opinions on wind turbines but I like them.  Mum had been a good girl and gone for a swim alone even though last night John had said he was likely to join her - that was before the various afternoon drinkies and two carafes of wine with our meal!!!
We took our breakfast under the vine on the pretty little patio.  It was an interesting Cypriot take on a continental breakfast with ham, cheese and fried eggs! together with cereal and toast, tea or coffee and fruit juice.  Not quite up to the standard of the excellent fry-up we had enjoyed at Maria's tea rooms!
The Inn has some resident pets.  This photograph is of their mother and son cat who were the most beautiful colour - slightly skittish but sweet all the same.  They also currently have a dog in residence who is named Diva.  Diva was abandoned in the village and Christina from the Inn has rescued her and taken her to the vets to make sure that she is well and micro chipped.  Unfortunately as she is running a business Christina cannot give the dog the care and attention she deserves and is now looking for a home for her.  She was the most gentle dog I have ever come across and had the most beautiful markings.  John fell in love with her but at the moment having a dog is not an option for us sadly because we would have taken her with us.  She is about 2 years old and in need of a loving home so if any of you readers are interested or know someone who might be please let me know and I can give you the contact details for Christina.  I really hope she manages to find Diva the loving home that she deserves.
After breakfast we packed up our things and made our way back home.  It is amazing how just one night away can make you feel like you have had a real break - we now have to start looking for our next venue - my birthday next (March) so it will need to be somewhere that has heating!!!!
We called into Super Home Centre in Paphos as we had promised to get our neighbours (George and Pam) a bathroom cabinet and a shampoo shelf for shower.  There wasn't much choice and it was difficult to know exactly what they wanted but we managed to find something we thought they would be happy with. 
I was driving Mum and Dad's CRV back to Droushia as they are lending it to Vix and Trev when they are here.  John shot off home before me as he wanted to make sure that Chivers and Minnie Mou were safe and sound and hadn't trashed the place!!!
They were fine but you would have thought they had been starved for weeks - their own fault as they have been giving their dried food a stiff ignoring and Minnie Mou is getting more and more picky about the wet food she will eat.
I took the bathroom stuff round to Pam and George and we decided that we would get together in the evening over a takeaway from Fitos's Kiosk.  Usually when we get together we managed to get Pam a little tiddly!!

Whilst we were at 11B Pam and George had all their doors open and so we were gobsmacked to see Chivers appear looking like he was going to come in.  Apparently both he and Minnie Mou like to make themselves at home in the garden!  Fortunately George absolutely loves cats so it was only a matter of time before Chivers waltzed in bold as brass, made himself at home and fell asleep on the sofa!
We had a lovely evening and will aim to do it again before George and Pam return to London.  Hard to believe looking at George that he has just been diagnosed with male breast cancer and will have to undergo a major operation on his return.  His consultant is pretty optimistic that it has been detected in good time for George to make a full recovery and we have everything crossed for him.

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