Monday, 8 October 2012

Another Squeaky Bum Car Ride...

We had decided that today we would nip over to Lara to see if  there were any turtles to be seen as Jane was hoping to see some.  After the exciting experience we had at Pomos when we actually managed to swim with an adult turtle we were very hopeful.
Things did not exactly go to plan as I realised that I had not seen Minnie all morning and, although she is not a stay at home lap cat she does normally come in for breakfast.  John went out to investigate and found her on Gregoris's wall and when he picked her up she squealed like a stuck pig.  She had an injury on her front left leg which had some sort of weeping puncture mark and was obviously causing her real pain.  She can be a right old whingebag but she was obviously in distress.  The problem with things like puncture wounds out here you have no idea what might have caused it and our immediate thoughts turn to snakes.  Having got her in and cleaned the wound with some tea tree oil (which caused her to cry even more) we thought we should take her to the vets but it was a bank holiday so we weren't sure who would be open.  We contacted Irene and bless her she came straight round with some antibiotics which is all that the vet would do. 
Satisfied that Mins was ok for at least the day, until we could get to a vets if necessary, we decided we would continue with our plans.  We thought it best to have the cats in for the day so that we would know where Mins was when it came to administering tablets - never an easy job at the best of times!!  So we rounded them up and set off cross country from Droushia.  We never manage to take the same road twice and, as you know from the time we went with Hazel, some of the roads can be a little hairy!  What was definitely a little hairy was the big old bull we came across on the outskirts of the village - he was a boy and a half!!!

Although it was a slightly overcast day today the view of Lara Bay was as stunning as ever and the work that has been done to make the descent to the beach easier is looking good and has made a huge improvement.  Just as well really because both Jane and I were suffering with very tight calf muscles after our mega walk of yesterday.  Unfortunately we trekked all the way down those steps and there were no turtles in the little hut but it was still nice take in the scenery and test the temperature of the sea!
As Jane and John were leaving us and taking in a walk around Theletra before returing to Emba we couldn't leave it too late to have lunch and so we decided we would try out the Lara restaurant which is situated on the first Lara Beach as you approach them from Paphos - it is probably called something else but I don't know what.  We haven't been there for years - it was always a bit scruffy and the quality and freshness of the food was questionable.
There has obviously been some work done to the 'restuarant' in the intervening period but it is still quite a basic establishment with a limited menu but then it is quite a way for suppliers to get to!  What it does have in its favour is the location and the view and it was just a short ride away.  We all settled for a simple omelette and chips - not a taxing culinary dish but then again the one I had at White River earlier this year was pretty dire! 

I am pleased to say that the food was perfectly fine and we spent a very pleasant hour or so relaxing and wondering whether or not the large boat we could see in the bay was the same boat that would be carrying Frank and Molly who had told us the previous evening that they were going on a boat trip out from Paphos up the coast.  Bless John who regaled them with the story of a similar boat trip we took on our honeymoon and where 80 of the 85 on board (including us) were chucking up into black bin bags!  He's all heart!!
The taverna has more than its fair share of cats although they didn't myther too much or at least not as much as the cats at Steni last night.  Most of them were very attractive looking animals but Jane and my particular favourite was 'Big Nose' who was a bit of a looker.
As time was running out we made our way back to Droushia - this is where the Squeaky Bum time came into play as we wanted to show Jane and John where the Avakas Gorge is situated in case they wanted to take a walk up there.  I told John that we could drive back to Droushia by taking the road on the other side of the Gorge as Wheelie Helen had done when we had the ladies lunch at White River.  This is not a road we are familiar with and (a) we were in Mum and Dad's car and (b) we didn't have a huge amount of time before Jane and John had to be in Theletra.  Let's just say we went on some roads we might have preferred to avoid!!!  Still we got home in one piece and with time to spare but left the Pages with a car in need of a carwash!!

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