Monday, 1 October 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Our visitors have gone home and we have a brief respite before John and Jane from Keinton Mandeville spend next weekend with us during their month-long holiday in Cyprus.  We opted to batten down the hatches last night with shutters shut and Chivers kept out so that we could have a really good night's sleep something which you do not do quite the same when you have people staying with you.  Having visitors is great but it is good to get back into your normal routine.

I had so much washing today that I even had to use the indoor line that is in the conservatory.  Sheets and towels take up so much room!!!  The one good thing is that we were bound to get it dry even though today we were without our normal breeze.  I did five loads of washing and I therefore have five loads of ironing waiting for my attention - deep joy!!! 
Getting the guest bedroom ready left us with one of life's little mysteries - I wanted to find either the thin quilt come comforter that Mum gave us or the two cream fleece blankets that we have and leave them on the chest of drawers should Jane and John find it chilly at night (there was no chance that Trev was ever going to need extra bed linen - he always sleeps with the fan on to the max).  Anyway I might have wanted them but they were nowhere to be found and we have searched high and low - we cannot understand what has happened to them - either we inadvertently packed them up and gave them to Irene for her cat fund or someone saw them and pinched them off the line or they are in the house somewhere and we just cant find them.

We had a slobby old day and part way through I turned my attention to cleaning off the mosaic tiles that Shaun had given me which were left over from him having tiled his swimming pool. They all needed soaking to get the backing paper off of them before I can use them.  John wants to make a 'stool' to sit in the corner of the swimming pool so that he can sit in the shade and help himself to a little drinkie - he plans to cast some sort of seat from a bucket and then get me to tile it to pretty it up.

When we moved over there we used to joke about eating a weevil and a biscuit - I never realised that it might actually come to fruition until today when John persuaded me to make a cake out of the leftover bananas that had become far too overripe to eat normally and the excess of yoghurt we had in the fridge.  I found a new recipe for a banana, orange and yoghurt cake which turned out to be very successful and so the recipe has been posted on my food page.  I nearly wasn't able to make it when I opened up my faithful McDougalls flour tin which I think I inherited from Mum and found my flour infested with teeny tiny weevils - yuk!!!  I then had to go through the cupboard to make sure that this was an isolated infestation which it was thank goodness and fortunately I had another packet of flour that was untouched.  John gave it and almost pathalogical investigation to make sure!

The cake came out as a very very very light sponge which sank a little bit in the middle but tasted divine although John thinks that it would benefit from a very light filing of some orange flavoured butter cream! We are having our neighbours George and Pam around for coffee before they go home later in the week and they both have a sweet tooth so I shall be saving a bit for them.
My final bit of cooking was to make something out of the kleftiko we brought home from Emba the other night.  Not sure whether it was lamb or goat - not that it really matters!  I found a recipe for a ginger lamb stew and as the meat was melt in the mouth anyway I didn't really have to do very much to it to make it into another meal.
They delivered a digger and a roller into the field next door today so we know what to expect tomorrow - let's hope that they don't decide to start at 7.00am as we are still catching up on our sleep.

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