Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cleaning up the Akamas...

Today has been quite a miserable day with storms and thunder and lightning with a bit of sunshine thrown in for good measure.  This morning we did manage to fit in a little bit of gardening and John cleaned Gregoris's pool but then the heavens opened and rain stopped play.  This was a real shame as Tuesday is one of the few days that we keep free so that we can do some sort of work together.
Running Susan and her husband John were coming round this afternoon to see the walk that we had sussed out for them.  Initially we were both going to go round on our scooters but had to abandon that idea - in fact we nearly had to abandon the whole idea full stop but in the end managed to go round in John Read's big red shiny truck which made light work of the slightly dodgy conditions.  So with a small amount to talk about today I thought I would dedicate this blog to the ACT - Akamas Clean-up Team which we have joined.

The Akamas Clean-up Team is a new volunteer group organized by Keith Watkins of Neo Chorio.   Keith was involved in a similar group in Hong Kong and hopes that ACT will carry out regular clean-up expeditions to beaches in different areas of the Akamas.  We all know what a problem litter is here and how our beautiful beaches are regularly marred by careless disposal of waste not to mention the flotsam and jetsam that gets washed up - particularly now when the seas become more stormy - plastic has an awful lot to answer for I can tell you and with little to no recycling here it is a major problem.
ACT held its first clean-up on 29 September when Let's Do It Cyprus organised environmental clean-ups all over Cyprus as part of an international event with up to 100 countries taking part. Rubbish collection bags were supplied to ACT by Let’s Do It Cyprus and the Communal Board of Neo Chorio.  Due to a prior commitment we were unable to attend although we are definitely going to pitch up for the next sortie which is on November 24th.  On this occasion the Team numbered just seven volunteers but between them clocked up 24 'person hours' on what was a very hot day.
The Team cleaned-up both the foreshore and the backshore of the south beach at Geranissos Point which is situated about half-way between Lara Beach and Cape Arnaoutis (Cape Akamas) onthe western side of the Akamas Peninsula.  Boy did they do a good job collecting a total of 44 lage bags of rubbish and sundry items.   As Keith put in his report - it is amazing what a difference a few people can make in a short time - with a lot of enthusiasm and sweat!  Because numbers were short on this occasion the rubbish on the North Beach at Geranissos Point was not collected but Keith plans to clean this beach in the future.
Keith reported that when the team had finished several people arrived to use the beach and swim in the sea including a German Tourist who said that he used the beach a lot and that it is known as "Plastic Beach" as it is normally covered with thousands of pieces of discarded plastic items and other bits of rubbish.  Apparently he could not believe his eyes that it had all been cleared and was most appreciative of what had been achieved and took photographs so he could show his friends what the Team had done.  Apparently he did ask for an old plastic chair to be left behind so he had something to sit on whilst at the beach - Keith says he will get that the next time!
I hope that Keith gets a good turn out for the next exercise - and that the weather is kind to us in our endeavours.  If anyone reading this would like to volunteer with ACT, please contact Keith Watkins either by email: keith.wendy.watkins@gmail.com or by phone: 26 322 886

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