Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exploring New Parts of Droushia...

It was another lovely morning at Lordos 1, Villa 10b B&B and our guests took their breakfast on the patio whilst we are still able to enjoy the peace and quiet and the view.  The sun shines directly into the Gazebo so we had to do some strategic seating so we didn't get overheated.  

The plan was to go for a walk around the rocks in Droushia to show Jane and John a bit more of the area.  The only trouble is that there are so many roads that we cannot be entirely sure where they end up so what we thought was going to be a slightly longer circular walk than normal turned out to be rather a route march and it was exceptionally hot - far hotter than we had anticipated and we had walked and walked and walked downhill which could only mean one thing - we had to walk and walk and walk uphill to get back.  I had been totally unprepared and was wearing black - great move!!!  As you know I am not a great walker - I like a bimble taking in the scenery or a little circular amble with some sort of pub meal involved but apart from that I don't really see the point - although I can fully understand that having a dog gives a walk some purpose.  John says that I clearly didn't get my 'pathfinder' badge when I was in the Brownies - I was more likely to get my 'shirking any sort of physical education' badge as I have never been one for exercise.  The down hill part made my legs shake like jelly and the uphill part gave me a complete sense of humour failure - even more so than when Alistair took us for a walk!!  John says that I didn't whinge as much as he thought I was going to do and later in the day he actually went out in the car and measured the distance - my legs say ten miles but the mileometer says only five and a half miles - there must be some mistake surely???

Anyway we returned from our walk having stopped off for a breather and a cold drink in Christos's Taverna and all headed straight for the pool where we ignored the fact that it is now only just pushing the mercury above 70 degrees!!!  Even Jane got in quickly and had to admit that it was refreshing.  We felt quite honoured because she suffers with a bad neck and so doesn't often swim - to be fair we don't swim in our pool we just use it to cool down.
We were being joined in the afternoon by Mum and Dad and Frank and Molly.  Frank and Molly are on holiday in Cyprus staying at the Athena Beach Royale.  Mum and Dad met them at Uncle David's 80th Birthday party and Frank and Molly's daughter is married to Uncle David and Aunty Joyce's nephew (on Uncle David's side) which is confusing I know!!  Anyway Mum and Dad had been to pick them up after they had been to Church (F&M that is - not Mum and Dad just in case you wondered!!).  They had brought them up to ours via a trip to Latchi to show them a bit of the island and after a few drinkies here we were all going to Steni for a meal and for some of us to sample the ribs which they do on a Sunday.  Jane, John, John and I would have put money on Dad wearing long trousers as we had warned him he would be eating outside and we know how he can feel the cold but if we had laid bets we would have been severely out of pocket as he pitched up wearing just shorts - well not 'just' shorts obviously - he had other clothes on because otherwise that would have been ridiculous!!
The meal at Steni was deemed to be a great success and everyone enjoyed their food - I particularly liked the homemade rice pudding (which Dad insisted on having hot and which was a revelation to the proprietress!!).
Back at Droushia (just the four J's) we had our nightly battle of Mexican trains and I am clearly doing something wrong because I always thought as the scorer I should win by default but I was doing so well until I got clobbered with a 115 penalty and then it all went pear-shaped - John kept accusing me of keeping all the doubles even though he won by a mile.
We were about to go to bed when I made the schoolboy error of asking how the Ryder Cup was going as the European team had been practically written off earlier in the day.  Woahhhhh big big mistake as we were hooked by the final few pairings and unbelievably ended up cheering for a GEEEMANNNN (who may or may not have bombed our chippy!!).

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