Saturday, 6 October 2012

Karma Chameleon...

Mum and Dad had been invited to Bloody Brian's birthday party this weekend so we had invited Jane and John to come and spend the time up with us in Droushia.  We were keen to show them all the changes - even though they had been here back in February and, many years ago, had stayed up here with Mum and Dad when it was only a holiday home.
It was supposed to be our first Akamas Clean Up today but we didn't think it would be fair to inflict rubbish collecting on Jane and John although they said that they wouldn't have minded!!  They arrived with us at 10.30 and we decided that we would do a gentle walk with lunch out and then a swim and a meal in.  As you know I had had a rather 'confused' evening and retired early to bed yesterday so John had kindly taken control of the Stifado-making this morning bless him.
Our day started with tea and homemade cake before setting off down to Polis for that well-trodden path from the campsite to Latchi Marina.  Jane told me I could only take a photograph of her from the waist up because she was wearing unflattering trainers and socks (she is putting them on in the car!).
I know we do this walk regularly but I love it and the improvements that are being carried out to the Marina are fantastic.  It never ceases to amaze me that you can drive through Latchi and not realise what lies behind the tacky tourist shops on the strip - if you didn't know you might never discover the 'other side'.  Anyway this is my kind of walk, a bimble with lovely scenery and, even better, a bar at the end for a nice cooling drink!  Yes you have guessed it we stopped at Faros for a well-earned drink and a chance to people watch.

We got a brilliant opportunity at a close up of one of Cyprus's most intriguing animals - John spotted a chameleon crossing a footpath.  Instantly recognisable with its faltering breakdancing one step forward one step back gait.  Someone, hopefully, will be able to tell me all about this little fella - hopefully Hazel who used to keep a chameleon.  John managed to get it to grab hold of a stick and he placed him in the safety of a nearby tree.  Not sure whether Cypriots regard these as good or bad - they are quite superstitious about animals. 

We had a bit of a debate about lunch as we had joked about going to To Karabani but thought it might be too rough and ready for our guests - although I know they like to experience ethnic dining.  Jane vetoed a sandwich bar in Latchi in preference for the shade of the trees at To Karabani because, as she quite rightly said, the sandwich bar was too English and she could eat that anytime she wanted when she was back home. 

The conservatory comes into its own at times like this and provides us with a brilliant place to sit and have a drink when the rolling mists are rolling and making everything too damp outside to sit down comfortably.  The boy done good with the old Stifado clearly as Jane asked for a spoon to finish off the gravy - I do love it when our visitors enjoy their food!
We rounded off our evening by playing Mexican Trains dominoes - I think it had been a good day all round plus Jane brought us some Marks and Spencers chocolates - what more could a girl want??

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