Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday - A Very Full Day...

Do you want to see what two or three days of rain can do to the landscape here in Droushia when it is followed by sunshine??  Everywhere, but everywhere is covered in a green carpet, including my garden which was weed-free but now has a million and one weeds sprouting through the shingle - the little shits - I can see what I will be doing over the next few days!  The only trouble is that some of the plants already in the garden may have self seeded and I am not going to know which is which!!!
It is Monday - ART - I love it!!  I am steadily working away at my Morning Glory picture and am over half way there but can see that there are areas that I will need to go back and redefine when I am finished as the pastels begin to fade over a period of time.  When you are working close-up sometimes it is difficult to see the whole picture (no pun intended) so some of the shading I have been trying to achieve isn't apparent until I look at it from a distance and then I am almost surprised at what I have managed to create.  At the moment Sheila is working on a charming picture of an African Woman with her child.  I think it is stunning but today the woman's ear was causing her issues - I thought it looked brilliant but it was obviously causing her angst.  When I have progressed from leaves and flowers I would like to think that I might be able to tackle something quite different like a face and eventually even the cats - that is a long time in the future and I shall have a lot of fun with flowers in the meantime!!

When the time came to leave the Knips (after one of Klaus's marvellous lunches of salad, chips and schnitzels) I was greeted by a handful of the feral cats that Sheila feeds who were wondering what had happened to their lunch.  They are a handsome lot and pretty vocal when it comes to feeding time! 
This is about as close as I can get to them and as I approach the steps they all shoot off in various directions and I have to be very careful that none of them have disappeared up inside the car (having carted off Gin-Gin previously).  I particularly like the colouring of the third one down in the middle but as I said yesterday there are hundreds of beautiful homeless cats in Cyprus and the two we have cause us enough worry without having any more.
My drive down across country to Prodromi for Greek is now much greener than it was a couple of weeks ago and is very pleasant - for a start the weeds have covered over a lot of the rubbish that has been dumped which is always a good thing!! 
Fortunately, I managed to remember the million and one verbs I had been given last week but that is usually the case - come to next week and I will have forgotten them again!  Still, I am beginning to make a little more conversation when the need arises and some of it does stick but I get very tongue-tied during conversation.  Sam is, as ever, very patient! but then again she is hardly likely to call me a duffer!!!  More verbs again this week with some past tenses thrown in for good measure and the time - I had better do extra homework!

I was meeting up with Hilary and her mum Eileen this evening and then bringing Hils back up to stay with us for a couple of days.  We had arranged that we would meet up at Mums and then the four of us would go out for a meal together.  It had been touch and go as to whether Hils would make it as the day before she was due to fly out she was struck down by sciatica and is now hobbling around with the use of a stick.  We went to Amazing Emba which has reopened and is where some time ago I managed to drop my Blackberry down the loo and piddle on it!!!  After a dry off with the hairdryer it did start working again fortunately!!!!
We had a nice meal together although the portions were man-sized to say the least and we had a right old laugh when it came to pudding as Eileen and I ordered crepes and asked for them to come with just lemon and sugar (just like good old pancakes on pancake day) - the waiter kept saying "only sugar and lemon - no fruit- no Nutella???" and we eventually persuaded him that yes, only sugar and lemon.  When our pancakes arrived the chef (who is Bulgarian apparently) had very carefully chopped up a lemon and inserted into the pancake with several spoons of sugar!!  We discretely removed it and even more discretely explained to the waitress what we had expected which came as a complete revelation to her!  They tasted just as good with a little rearrangement so nothing spoiled!!!
I got Hils back to our house safe and sound and John decided that a generous helping of wine would probably do her more good than any pain-killer!!!

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