Monday, 15 October 2012

Not Such a Grim Day...

The thunderstorms brought with them the inevitable power cuts - most just flickers of power off then straight back on but last night we had a lengthy outage which resulted in a very romantic ambiance!!!  Many thanks to Stalker No 1 and No 2 (Bill and Wendy) for the very pretty candles that they gave us which came into their own and hats off to Jumbo's and Ikea for their cheap and cheerful lamps we were snug as the proverbial bug!
We had a night and morning of interrupted power and so the clocks in our household were all up the swanney which meant that I was a bit at sixes and sevens this morning getting ready for art.  It has been three weeks since my last visit and I have really missed it and my poor picture has begun to fade so I am going to have some touching up to do before if is ready to be framed.  It was good to get back into the swing but I missed the completion of Sheila's wild dog picture!!!  It was a bit grim weather wise today and poor Klaus was in the middle of cooking lunch when we had yet another lengthy powercut - he was just resorting to plan B and the barbeque in the garden when the power came back on - isn't that always the way??  Everytime I lay the table for lunch I am reminded of what my next project is going to be.  Sheila has some lovely placemats which are pictures of lillies and I think that they will make a great picture the only trouble is that there are no leaves - Sheila says I am good at leaves and I like doing leaves!!! 
Sam is piling on the pressure at Greek now - this week I have a million and one bloody verbs to learn!!  That is a slight over exaggeration but a dozen at least!!!  Still enjoying it though and we do go to places where a little smattering of the local language pays dividends!

After Greek we shot off down to Paphos to do a bit of shopping that we cannot do in Polis and we were hoping to see Mel and Simon and their new baby daughter Jasmine.  We went down via Peyia so that we could call into Kissos and get some sort of climbing plant for the balustrading round the front decking.  We managed to get two Jasmine's (strangely enough) but more of that tomorrow. 
We did get to see Baby Jasmine with Mum, Dad, Aunty and Grandad Terry.  She was beautiful and sound asleep - which is apparently a bit of a rare thing at the moment.  I did take a couple of photographs but will wait until Simon and Mel have seen them and then if they are happy will post one on the blog.  I also took a photograph of the fantastic driftwood seahorse that they have hanging in their lounge.  An idea for a craft project??  Possibly but as John reminds me it took me forever to find enough suitable driftwood for the heart that I have hanging in the toilet so it may have to be a long term thing!  I shall keep this on the backburner for the timebeing!!
Mum and Dad said goodbye to Jane and John today as they were moving on to an apartment for the next two weeks - just down in Emba so not too far.  I had been a duffer and suggested lunch with Mum and Dad forgetting about Art and Greek but how lucky were we as Emba and Paphos got the horrendous weather we had yesterday and a three hour long powercut - it would have made sitting at Oniros a complete no-no.  We had settled instead for supper at a taverna Mum had seen advertised which is in Koili but at one point Mum considered cancelling that as the weather was soooooo awful.  Midway through the afternoon it cleared so supper was on.

Finding the taverna in Koili was an experience and a half but nothing like Mum and I trying to find our way back out at the end of the meal!! 
Sfalangas is a very traditional eating establishment in terms of the food but as a newly refurbished eatery is bright and clean and has wonderful toilets!!  If you want Meze or Grilled food like Sieftalia or Souvlakia then this is a nice place to go (if you can find it) and Bambos the proprietor will give you a very cheery welcome.  The locals obviously frequent the place - as does a very Felix-like restaurant cat!  We were obviously a source of fascination for one particularly old boy who sat transfixed by us!
As I said getting out was a challenge and involved a bit of a hairy about turn in some narrow back street but we all got back to our respective homes safe and sound - and we had power - bonus!

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