Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday and a Very Nice Barbeque...

You will all be relieved that there was no real sign of a poorly paw this morning thank goodness although Chivers did use it quite gingerly - ha ha - get it!!!
When we woke we had a legendary Droushia rolling mist which was hanging around in the valley below and obscuring the coastline and it took a while before the sun managed to burn it off but burn it off it did and we had a really lovely day ahead of us, much more like the autumnal weather we would expect for this time of year than the monsoon conditions we experienced last week.
We had been invited to a barbeque at Crafty Jane and Mark's this afternoon as Mark's sister and husband were going back to Spain tomorrow and Jane thought it would be nice to get together before they left.  We had been asked to bring a contribution so that Chef wasn't slaving all night so I had some Prawns in the freezer that needed eating so decided to marinade them and take them and make some of Mum's famous barbeque sauce and sling in a fresh pineapple for pudding!!

Our rendezvous was at 4.00pm and John was cross with me because I was running late and we do not do late in the Wiseman household - I was nearly saved because we had a call from Wheelie Helen and Alistair to say they were running late too but to exacerbate the matter we needed to drop a birthday card in for cat-lady Irene's husband Dennis so that made us even later and, shit shoot and combustion, we arrived after Wheelie Helen so John was not impressed!!!
Helen and Al brought the dogs and Arni is growing at a rate of knots - who said that one of his parents wasn't an Old English Sheepdog??  Both he and Rocky behaved themselves and had a ball running around the garden and at least this time Arni refrained from leaving the biggest Mr Whippy you have seen right in front of us! 
We had a marvellous barbeque with all sorts of yummy food which started with a sort of galette pastry thing with onion and feta and olives and herbs courtesy of Mark's brother in law Phil who is a chef and runs a restaurant in Spain with his wife Hazel.  Helen contributed some stuffed mushrooms which John gave a stiff ignoring and some Indian spiced meat patty/burgers and a delicious raita with pomegranate seeds and there were sausages, and ribs and salad and my prawns and barbeque sauce and then the grilled pineapple and a lovely lemon drizzle cake from Marianne (of Jeff and Marianne).

It was a lovely evening but I wish I had worn socks because the later it got the colder my feet got in their flip-flops! 

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