Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tuesday - A Day out with Hils...

It was a most beautiful morning and we decided to sit out and have breakfast (utilising our new decked area once again).  John had been and scrumped some fresh figs as Hilary had asked if there were any still around.  A lot had been trashed by the bad weather last week but there are still plenty if you can reach them!!!  They were absolutely delicious served with fresh yoghurt, honey and cinnamon.
After a lot of discussion as to where to spend our day together we decided that we would go to Pomos.  John never minds going there because the snorkeling is excellent providing the sea is calm and there is always the taverna up above if he wants to escape from the heat.
It was quite windy when we left Droushia but when we arrived at Pomos it was beautiful and this time we did not make the mistake of leaving our chairs behind - just as well as there were only a couple available for hire (not that anyone was taking any money) and they were being used.
The beach was fairly deserted and we sat near the life guard hut so that John could be in the shade whilst Hils and I were in the sun (apologies for the horizon being at a jaunty angle!!). 
John was keen to see whether or not there were any turtles still around the harbour as we had been able to swim with one the last time we had been here with Vix and Trev.  Hils doesn't snorkel - she doesn't like to put her face in the water - as we found out when we were in Kenya!!!
As we entered the water I was immediately attacked by small silver fish that started to bite my leg.  I have a scratch on my leg and they kept nibbling at it.  Then John started to be nipped at as well - it was quite a strange sensation - quite sharp and not particularly pleasant.  I remember Sheila telling me that this had happened to her when she had last been at Pomos.  I started to back out of the sea and then got a big bit of seaweed wrapped round my leg which I tried to flick off and when I looked down saw that I had a small octopus clinging to me like the one in the photograph (not mine).  I was so surprised I was nearly lost for words but managed to shout 'octopus' and Hilary saw it and John who was snorkeled up managed to follow it until it disappeared into a crevice in a rock.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!!  Boy I wish our underwater camera had arrived in time - we have just had a notification that it is in Paphos sorting office awaiting signature.  On the subject of the silver fish we are wondering whether all these garra rufa places that have sprung up have been getting rid of their fish into the sea and now they are lurking in the shallows!!! and on the subject of the turtles John did manage to see one in the distance - a big one going at pace - he was chuffed.
We spent a very pleasant couple of hours on the beach and then decided to find somewhere for lunch on the way back to Polis and Festival Shoes - Hils says it is the law that when you visit Cyprus you should return with a pair of shoes!
On the way we parked up and found the beach that Jane, Mark and their visitors had been to.  It is a little off the beaten track and beautiful but it is such a shame that people that had been their previously had just dumped their rubbish there despite signs asking for the beach to be kept clean.  Why do people insist on trashing their environment in this way?
I am not entirely sure why both Hilary and John appear to be dancing to the Birdie Song in the photograph - as they had driven down to the beach and left me up the top taking photographs anything could have happened in the interim and it looks harmless enough! 
We couldn't really decide where to eat on the way back and John's tapeworm had woken up so needed feeding - and quickly!!!  It seemed sensible to eat before we got to Polis and mooched around the shoe shop and paid a visit Paps to stock up on some groceries so I suggested trying Santa Barbara as it is right on the beach and we hadn't been there before.
It was an ok place and our food was fine but it was nothing special - I know that it is a very popular venue for people to go and see the sunset (although not at this time of the year as the sun has moved) but I am not sure we will rush to go back. We were however very taken by this car that pitched up - it was beautiful - I am not sure what it is or whether it was as old as it appeared to be but it was very stylish all the same.
We stopped in Festival Shoes for a look round - there are still some corking sale shoes in there but unfortunately not in my size but Hillary managed to get a very stylish pair of black and white flatties which looked lovely and at €14 hardly broke the bank!
We did a bit of shopping in Paps and Hils decided to treat us to some cakes to have with a cuppa when we got home.  She chose a chocolate confection which she said was delicious, John plumped for his favourite milopitta (apple cake) and I went for one of those tarts that is piled with glazed fruit.  They were delicious and not too sweet which is unusual for Cypriot cake which can normally strip the enamel off of your teeth just by looking at it.  We had then scheduled in a quiet half and hour and snooze before showering and wandering into the village to see whether there was any gin and tonic on offer at Christos's Taverna!!
That was the plan but we had an impromptu visit by Crafty Jane who had been in the village to clean and pool and managed to work out where we live so she stopped by for a cuppa and then Shaun came round to see if he could log into our wi-fi as Sharon wanted to extend her holiday and coincide with the arrival of her daughter.  Jane was planning to leave before it got dark but we get no evening - it is either full sunshine or dark and before she had finished her tea the sun had gone so John was just about to squeeze her bike in the car and take her home when husband Mark rang looking for her and said he would come and get her.
Shaun didn't manage to change his flight - many phonecalls will be required tomorrow I feel!!
It was an unbelievably warm evening for October and we walked down into the village in short sleeves to enjoy a couple of G&T's with Alkisti before wandering back home for more food - dips, my homemade pate and salad (inspired by Elena at Orexi - rocket, pomegranate and cheese).
A lovely day - spent with a good friend - hopefully Keith will be with her next time x

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