Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wednesday - Bye Bye Hils...

The Lordos 1 Spa was open for business again.  Our guest Hilary, took advantage of the complimentary waffle weave dressing-gown and opted for breakfast outside.  She enjoyed more fresh figs with yoghurt which Chivers found very interesting indeed.  In fact he finds all food interesting and likes to have a good old sniff to make sure that he isn't missing out on anything.  He is a gannet, Minnie Mou is a rather dainty eater and likes to leave a bit for later - only trouble is that Chivers just hoovers up behind her!  We are so pleased that the weather this week is better than it was this time last week - otherwise we would have been rather wet and cold sitting outside for breakfast!  We had a lazy morning planned and were then going off to meet Hilary's mum for lunch and later in the evening having a barbeque for neighbours Sharon and Sean (sorry that I keep spelling your name incorrectly!!!) As they were going back to England tomorrow - I say were because Sharon's daughter was coming out on Thursday and Sharon really, really wanted to be here when she arrived.  Sharon had obviously chipped away sufficiently at Sean to get him to look at changing their flights so they asked if they could tap into our Wi-Fi to see what was possible.  Poor Sean nearly had nose-bleed looking at the cost of the alternatives!!!
I take my hat off to Hilary who braved the swimming pool even though the temperature is barely hovering above 60 degrees!  John keeps it looking so inviting though that it is hard to resist and she thought it might do her sciatica some good.  In fact she did it twice - nutter - because when the pump came on she though the cold water jets would act like a jacuzzi.
Anyway we left Sharon surfing the net and Sean clutching his wallet - or was it his heart as he was about to have a coronary!!! and we went off down to Oniros for lunch with Eileen and awaited a phonecall to see whether or not we would be barbequeing later.

Here we are then, looking like the three witches from Macbeth or is it the three wise monkeys???  I am only clutching the table decoration basil because otherwise it looked like it was growing up Hilary's nose!! Eileen likes this venue and Hilary had never been before and the food is excellent and the view stunning so what more could you want?  Everytime we go we have to thank Crafty Jane for introducing us!

I had been desperate to try one of the platters so was pleased when Hilary said she would go halves!!  Only trouble is that it was HUGE!!!  We had belly pork, sausages, meat balls, roasted vegetables, olives and pitta bread - yuuummmmiieeeeeeeee.  Another excellent meal was had by all and we said goodbye to Hilary and Eileen until Friday when we meet for yet another meal at Vienna's.  Diet must must must start soon.
We made our way back to Droushia and I was followed all the way by a police car with its lights flashing - this is so confusing as they seem to always have their lights flashing but I wasn't sure if they wanted me to pull over - then I heard sirens and thought I was going to be pulled for speeding so decided to pull into Trakkos Donkey Sanctuary just in case.  At this point a fire engine went racing past and we could see smoke coming from over the hills.  I let the police and the fire engine go on by and we continued on our way.  We were a bit concerned that the fire was near where Crafty Jane and Mark live but as we got nearer to Aroudes we could see that it was further away than we thought thank goodness.

It was another very hot day (for October) and after a large lunch we were feeling just a little full and just a little sleepy so when Sean came to tell us that he had been completely mugged over for their flight changes and would be staying until Sunday we were able to rearrange the barbeque for tomorrow night.  It will be good to have an extra couple of days with them!
The cats were very pleased to see us on our return - you would think we had starved them!!!  Its great that they are waiting for us though and we dont have to worry about where they are!  A lovely quiet afternoon/evening stretched in front of us - bliss!

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