Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday - We are Woken by a Storm fit for Noah...

We were woken this morning at 4.00am by a storm of biblical proportions.  Thunder, lightning, torrential rain and hail lashing all round us.  I was awake and got up to make sure that the cats were in at the point at which the rain had managed to find itself a way in through one of the little gaps in the seal between the door runners and the floor.  What started as a little trickle quickly became a flood and we had to get every towel we could find to stem the flow.  The water butt overflowed yet again and the water then started coming in under the front door.  Now I know that the carpet Sharon gave me isn't perfect but we didn't want it to get soaked so there we were at 4.00am, racing around moving furniture.  When I got up this morning most of the water had gone but you can see from where the towels had been how wet it was and if we had slept through we would have been faced with a right old mess - the cats have been running through flicking their feet as they got them wet looking very unimpressed.  Poor John had been waiting for the right day to try and get the gaps sealed and the weather had beaten us to it.  Still nothing got spoiled thank goodness.
Fortunately today was a beautiful day so it meant I could get the mopping-up towels washed and out on the line and dried during the course of the day which is a bonus because no-one wants sopping wet towels hanging about for too long and although my washing machine has a tumble dryer function I just as well just throw a bag full of euros out of the window as the cost of electricity is so high!  We got the carnage from last night sorted and everything back to relative normality, the washing on the line and the cats settled before collecting together everything we needed for a trip down into Polis.
We had a few things that we needed to do in town and as Mira wasn't in the local Co-Op bank (again!!) we needed to get to the main one in Polis to open up a deposit account - this is just a step too far for Phillipos in the village.  I have to say that we are very impressed by the efficiency of the banks over here even though they might be in the shit.  It was so easy to go in and open a deposit account with a teller who spoke very good English and who explained everything about the account with a pleasant smile and cheery disposition.  Having sorted our finances we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the Art Cafe and a cup of tea and piece of cake.  This week John opted for the Almond and Vanilla sponge which has as light as a feather and I tried the apple cheesecake which was lovely but I think that John's was the winner.  I hope that we have a reasonable day weatherwise when we have our Ladies lunch there on 6th November and I hope that people enjoy Tina's food and cake.
By the time we returned home the glorious day was beginning to fade a little and we could see heavy clouds forming over the Troodos - fortunately they didn't turn into anything more than that - clouds and we were spared the lashing that we had last night.  As Autumn approaches John had a desire for some comfort food and so I made a chilli for us to have with a little glass of wine - it is Friday and the beginning of the weekend after all!!!
The early morning call took its toll on me and having eaten early I faded quickly and fell asleep on the sofa having a very rare cuddle with Minnie Mou.  Both cats spend a lot more time indoors now that it is much cooler at night.  She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but the payback for the cuddle was that she decided to show her affection by padding on my face to wake me up when she decided she was hungry!

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