Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday with Friends...

We were meeting up with our Stalkers Wendy and Bill today.  We had arranged to meet at the SuperHome Centre in Paphos which enabled me to get a nice pot for my new Poinsettia and also to get a replacement clothes airer as mine has finally bitten the dust - well not entirely but the plastic coating is flaking off big style and it leaves a trail of white bits whenever you move it.

We had then arranged to meet up with Mum and Dad for lunch at Oniros after they had been to see Eileen to wish her a happy birthday.  The Stalkers had not been there before and even though we had only been there on Monday the food is so lovely that it is never a hardship to mosey on down there!!!  Mum and Dad both like it too so that is a bonus.

We arrived earlier than Mum and Dad which gave us an opportunity to take a little walk along the coast and to take a look at the beached ship which is still there and looks like it will be there for quite some time to come!!

Once again it was a beautiful day with a warm wind which was keeping the temperatures up.  It couldn't have been too cold as Dad was still wearing shorts!  

We managed to get two tables right in the middle under the awning  and were soon joined by the newly resident cat which is beautiful and which decided to go to sleep on Mum's foot.  It has adopted Oniros - we think it must have been abandoned.  Oniros don't want to encourage it because not every diner is a cat lover.  I hope someone gives him a nice home.

I like everything on the menu so I can never decide what I want to eat and then I have to make my mind up all in a rush - it was the Chicken Ceasar Salad again for me today - I kid myself that I have chosen the healthy option but with all that lovely sauce!!!!!  

Wendy and Bill's son flies out for a week on Sunday so we thought this might be a place to take him - just to show him somewhere different - Wendy and Bill thought it was lovely and were very impressed by the food.

We said our goodbyes to Mum and Dad and decided to make our way back home through Peyia.  Me driving and Wendy following on behind in the trusty hire car Piccanto.

We thought that the Stalkers would also like to take in the view from the Green Hills lounge in Peyia as it was such a beautiful afternoon.  This is most definitely the kind of place that their son would go for and John and I have said that we will definitely go back and eat there.

John and Bill had a pint and Wendy and I as drivers settled for a coffee before we decided to set off back home via the winery in Kathikas so that Wendy could check out the Vasillikon.  The old winery is most definitely moving to the new premises before Christmas and we are hopeful that the wine bar and wine tasting will follow quickly thereafter.

After a busy day all plans of going out in Polis went out the window and so we settled down in the conservatory.  John popped the Super Ser on for about half an hour to take the chill off and it was great - really cosy and it didn't seem to generate any more condensation than we normally have.

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