Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday and it is Snowing in the UK...

When I was working we had an office in the grounds of Sherborne Abbey so this view is very familiar to me - the side entrance to the Abbey but today covered in snow and so early in November.  There were also pictures posted on the NET of the A303 white-over save for a few car tracks.  Who would have thought it?  Well maybe nothing is too surprising for the weather in the UK this year which friends have described as grim at best and diabolical at worst. Where is all that Global Warming that has been talked about - it seems to have passed the UK by!
The weather here on the other hand is unseasonably warm (although forecast to break on Thursday) which means that everything looks bright and cheerful - the garden is going mad including the weeds unfortunately and we are going to have to get out there before it is too late and give everything a severe haircut.  I have had a good old look round and am hopeful that some of the gazanias and the snap-dragons have self seeded which will be good if they survive.

Irene asked John if he could help Dennis by cutting up some logs for their wood burner.  John could quite see their problem as they were as hard as nails but he managed to do them - for which Irene was very grateful.  We never mind helping her out as she is so good with us and the cats - she brought some more antibiotics for Minnie this morning - who is recovering well after her bite/abscess.

Sheila text this morning to say access to her house might be difficult because after a lot of measuring up they have finally decided to tackle the perimeter wall to the cemetery and sure enough by the time I walked round there all the walls seemed to have been removed.  We don't know whether it will be replaced by a plain old concrete wall or whether they might put up a nice stone one to make it look nice - not that the residents will notice!!!!
I made good progress on my picture this morning.  Now that I have moved onto the final flower it is beginning to come together quite nicely.  This does of course mean that I am going to have to start something new and soon.  This is hard, it is a bit like when you read a really good book and don't want to finish it and then you do and you have to get yourself into a new book!
Art was followed by Greek and although I thought I hadn't really spent enough time revising what I had learnt the previous week the lesson went a lot better than I had thought and I came out feeling quite good rather than confused!!!  I have quite a lot to get to grips with before my next lesson which is in two weeks' time as Sam is away and she has given me plenty to keep me occupied!
John had done the shopping whilst I was in my lesson and we rushed back to get ready because Crafty Jane and Mark were coming for a meal - we had been meaning to have them round for ages!!  Jane brought some lovely roses with her.  John had only recently been saying that it would be nice to have fresh flowers in the house.  The flowers we have in the garden aren't suitable for cutting and unless we go to a florists (expensive) getting cut flowers is difficult.  We had a lovely evening which managed to stretch out until 1.00 in the morning and on a school night as well!!!  My food seemed to go down well which is always pleasing and John's creme brulee was a hit too!

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