Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday after the Clocks have changed...

We woke the same time as we normally do because neither Chivers nor my bladder have any idea that the clocks have changed so it might well have felt like 7.30 am but the clock was showing 6.30 am!!  This clock changing is a right old pain in the arse as two of our clocks are difficult to reach and I can never remember how the one on the weather station is altered, not without finding the manual, and then when I do change it I think it is easy enough to remember but then I never do.
As you know we love Sundays - it is our special 'us' day and we started it leisurely reading about the wintry weather in the UK with our bedroom window wide open and the sun streaming in.  Yesterday may have signalled the end of summer time but no-one told the sun!

As it was such a beautiful day I decided I would wash our bedding because I knew I would be able to get it dry and back on the bed.  Minnie Mou had taken up residence so we had to try and remove the sheet and duvet cover without disturbing her - we managed and would now be able to do that trick thing with a fully laid table where they whip the tablecloth away and everything remains in place!  We got several glares from her but she stoically remained in situ.
As I said, it was a beautiful day with the weather station showing Sun all the way... shame I still cant workout how the time gets changed!!!  So washing done and on the line we had a leisurely breakfast and as it is treat day we had bacon butties.  John said that Cyprus streaky bacon in a Paps fluffy pitta  makes for the bestest butty ever in fact he says that Back Bacon is very over-rated! 

We had decided that we would go out for a ride on the bike today but beforehand John wanted to ensure that the gas fire would light as the evenings are getting a bit nippy and at some point we are going to need just a little immediate warmth rather than lighting the woodburner for the evening.  The gas fire has been a source of great angst for us from the moment we had it fitted so it is always a 'fingers crossed' moment when we try and light it.  We had just about everything crossed this morning and I was detailed off to clean the 'pebbles' but the bloody thing refused to play and we were beginning to think that it was never going to light when John worked his magic and all of a sudden we had flames.  Oh God I love him, he manages to fix everything - even if he does get a little stressed in the process.

Chores done we got the bike out and decided to go for a spin and although the sun was shining when we were out on the open road we kind of wished we had put on a few more clothes!!!  We had gone to find the 'new' Vasilikon Winery building which was advertised in the October PALS magazine and boasted a museum, wine bar and tasting bar - we think we found it but if we did then the building was by no stretch of the imagination finished - if it was the right place then it will be lovely but not for several months yet!  We then took a ride on the other side of the road out round where Wheelie Helen had taken us back in March to see the orchids.  The scenery there is stunning with lots of terraces planted with vines and barely a house in sight for miles. We were in two minds as to whether we would stop in the village for a drink on the way home but we had got a little chilly so came straight back.

We like to make Sundays special and I know that John would dearly love a roast but he is going to have to wait a little bit longer because Paps had sea bream on offer when we went shopping on Friday so today we were having fish.  What do I mean by on offer?  €6.95 a Kilo and we had two good sized fish for just over €4.00!  The woman on the fish counter cleans them so I just had to cook them!  I shoved them in a marinade of soy sauce, lime juice, ginger, chili and sherry whilst I decided what to do with them and John settled down to his favourite Sunday footie-fest with the Merseyside derby and the farcical Chelsea v Man Utd debacle.

Our dinner was not quite as healthy as it could have been because having watched Take Me Out last night and heard someone talking about Dauphinoise Potatoes it got my tastebuds going and I had some potatoes and garlic that needed using up so decided to go for it.  Just so that you know I wrapped the fish in tin foil parcels - putting some of the marinade in with the fish and then heated a frying pan and cooked the fish on both sides in the foil and the marinade - about five minutes each side and it was delicious.  I shall keep my eye out for Sea Bream to be on offer again because at that price it is an absolute bargain.

We are now going to snuggle up on the sofa - it has been a lovely day.


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