Saturday, 24 November 2012

Super Soccer Saturday...

This morning Chivers was acting very strangely - he was searching for something in the house - his favourite spot for dropping 'presents' is under the curtain in the front room so we took a look but there was nothing there.  Chivers was very excited about the book case so John moved the book case but we still couldn't see anything, in fact John joked that whatever it was (most probably a shrew as these seem to be the favourite catch) was doing a Mission Impossible act and was hanging upside down under the plinth at the bottom hoping not to be discovered.  Chivers could not be moved so we guessed there must be something there, or had been something there.  After a bit Minnie Mou joined in the hunt which made us even more convinced that we had missed something. We searched again and still found nothing so decided to carry on and have breakfast.

It was yet another beautiful day and so breakfast was taken outside in the front garden.  After the rain and sunshine of the last few weeks the garden is looking lush and lovely and it is certainly a lovely spot for catching the morning sunshine.  We had a busy day in front of us today as we were off to watch the mighty ENAD Polis playing football this afternoon and then in the evening we were going to Orexi in the village to a Supper Club meeting and to share some fine Italian food.  Italian is one of Wendy's favourites so we were hoping that she wouldn't be disappointed - if nothing else it would be an experience they wouldn't get anywhere else.

With time to kill this morning before going to the footie Wendy and I embarked on some Crafting!!! Wendy had brought me some knitting needles and some wool so that I could try and make one of those fancy lacy scarves.  Wendy had knocked one up in about an hour when she arrived the other week!  Now I have never been a knitter - I have tried but it is painful to watch - there is a lot of grimacing and sticking out of the tongue but the pattern was only to knit each row and there were only nine stitches so how difficult could it be?  The secret with these scarves is that you knit into the panel that runs along the 'wool' making stitches as you go (apparently!!!).  I had sorted out some jewellery making kit for Wendy so that she could make herself a necklace and see if she might like getting into it in the future.  I had chosen enough stuff for her to recreate a necklace I had on earlier in the week and which she admired.

As we were sat outside the mystery of the cats was revealed as we found that there had been a mouse under the book case (doing the Mission Impossible thing obviously) - I managed to remove it from Chivers teeth and wanted to set it free in the field next door but it had other ideas and jumped out of my hands and disappeared into the garden.  By this time Chivers and Minnie Mou had turned their attention to something else and I had to remove two mangled skinks from the lounge shortly afterwards.  Sadly the mouse did not survive - the stupid thing either jumped into or was chased into the swimming pool and by the time I found it it was too late.

The time finally arrived for us to make our way down to Polis collecting Running John en route and joining the melee of parking that is the norm on football day.  It was a very pleasant afternoon for watching the match although once the sun disappeared behind the stand it did get a bit chilly.  If you are thinking of going then it costs €6 and you need to arm yourself with a cushion or two as the concrete seating can be very unforgiving!

ENAD were playing in blue and we were treated to a 3-0 victory which included a penalty.  Wendy and I kept forgetting there would be no action replay and missed some of the action.  The ENAD manager got very disgruntled at a couple of decisions that went against ENAD and even though they were winning he took out his frustration by thumping the dugout walls - better than thumping an official which he did the other week apparently!!!

As I said our evening was spent at Orexi - and I thought I would leave my camera at home and give everyone a rest from my constant click click clicking - what a mistake as it was such a brilliant evening and I have no pictures to show for it - a full report will follow tomorrow.

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