Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday - Ladies Lunch...

It was a glorious start to the morning and when I trotted over to feed the cats Chivers was on look-out sat on the garden fence looking out across the mountains.  Everything looked so lovely green and fresh and I was so pleased that the weather was going to be fine as it was Ladies Lunch day today and we were spreading our net a little further afield and going down to the Art Cafe in Polis to sample Tina's marvellous food and as we would be sitting outside I wanted it to be warm - I just didn't want a repeat of last month when we were eating at Orexi and several days of rain had scuppered our plans to sit outside and we had to scale down the numbers and squeeze in round the kitchen table.

Mum and Dad were coming up today - Mum was joining the ladies for lunch and John was going to take Dad out somewhere - somewhere fairly ethnic I would guess as they both like trying more traditional local eateries.  Then they were staying the night and again tomorrow night as we are getting up early in the morning to go to Pissouri and meet up with Wendy and Bill and then going on to Nicosia and the racecourse so that our Stalkers could experience racing Cypriot style.  We have been before - in fact we went about a year ago with Nicky and Mark but that time it was an organised trip and we spent the day in a rather nice marquee but this time we were slumming it and going into the equivalent of the Tattersalls.

We were a group of fourteen today for lunch which was very pleasing as I was keen to support Tina who has struggled with her business and has been living under the threat of having most of the frontage removed for a road/pavement widening programme which no-one else thinks is necessary.  In fact they have started a sort of ring-road to nowhere in Polis which meant that a digger started up right next to the cafe just as we were sitting down we have our fingers very firmly crossed that this is not the precursor to the wall coming down and the frontage being removed as this will be a great shame. 

I picked up Arty Sheila and Wheelie Helen and as we parked up we were joined by Sue and as we arrived at the cafe I was pleased to see Prodromi Pam who had hot footed it from Boules to join us for the first time.  The other ladies began to arrive and we had another newby called Yve who settled into the group well and said we made her very welcome which is good feedback.  It was a very pleasant afternoon although those who arrived later were in full sunshine so we had to to a move round after a while because they were cooking - can you believe that we were moaning it was too hot in November!!

Tina put on a right old spread of hot meals including the lasagna that John had the other week which was absolutely delicious, along with soup, tortillas, quiche, roasted vegetables and a sweet and sour chicken dish which took a while to arrive but when it did was declared a real winner.  One or two of the ladies even had room for some of Tina's delicious cake!!!  It was a successful lunch I think and I am very grateful that Sue Westhead has organised the December lunch as it takes the pressure off of me.

When we returned home John and Dad were back having tried out the fairly newly reopened Karithea taverna which is only just down the road.  They said it was pretty basic but that they had a good enough lunch although the drinks were a little expensive compared to other places.

It was a glorious evening to match the glorious morning and I shot out to capture the colours of the sun as it began to set and was reflected in the clouds.

We had a pleasant evening with just some picky bits having all had a good lunch.  We rang the changes after a couple of hands of Noms and got the Mexican Trains out - I was victorious for once - so there must have been something wrong as I never normally win!!

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