Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wednesday - Hallowe'en...

Late posting I know but we were away in Pissouri last night with no internet access
As a thank you to Prodromi Pam for inviting me round to her house last week so that we could craft as we usually do at Jeannette's I invited her back today and she came along with her neighbour Curry Rival Chris.  It was the most fantastic day and John and I had set up a crafting station in the front garden which was ok for a while but as the morning progressed it got hotter and hotter and we had less and less shade and the Big Fan was called for!!  Pam kept saying that she could not believe it was the first of November tomorrow and that everyday she thanks her lucky stars that she lives where she lives - I can certainly second that emotion as they say in the song.  We have a lovely life, our two beloved cats and of course Mum and Dad just down the road with whom we get to spend some quality time.

I was starting a new project this week.  Shaun had given me some glass panels which had been used as shelves in a previous life.  They were too good to throw away so I had decided to create a mosaic on one and had found a picture on the internet of a gecko and blown it up and was sitting it under the glass to use as my pattern. This was going to be my first real project where I needed to cut and shape the tiles and I had my new cutters which Sharon had brought over with her the last time which I was itching to use and believe me what a difference it makes when you have cutters with sharp blades!
I got really into this task as it gave me an opportunity to use all sorts of different coloured tiles and to cut and shape them - having the pattern under the glass certainly made a huge difference and during the course of about four hours this is what I managed to achieve.  I have a lot of fiddly bits left to do and as we are off to Nicosia Races next week with our favourite Stalkers this will have to wait - not to mention the fact that I have a mirror and some coasters that need to to be grouted - and I said I wasn't going to get into Mosaics!

We had lunch in the back garden sitting under the Gazebo as we needed some shade - can you believe it!!  John had been brilliant at providing tea and coffee and made sure that the lunch was ready - we were having home made spicy butternut squash, sweet potato and butterbean soup which I had made earlier in the week and which was really tasty with a bit of a punch to it - John had a bit of a lightbulb moment and brought the crispy onion bits which Mum had got from Lidl to act as croutons and they went down a storm too!
Pam and Chris left about 3.00pm after a lovely morning together.  This gave us a couple of hours before Jane and Mark came round and we had our bowling/pool challenge evening down in Polis.  Mark bowls regularly, John is competitive, Jane has had the carpel tunnels on both hands done in the last year and I am just useless so it was going to be an interesting evening!

John had brought some of his fancy dress with him from the UK and has been itching for an opportunity to wear it so tonight was the night but as Cyprus does not celebrate Hallowe'en I thought he would probably give someone a coronary if he wasn't careful so he agreed to just welcome Mark and Jane when they arrived - silly sod!!
We had an action packed and fun filled evening.  We started with the bowling challenge - unlike the last time we went the bowling alley was full - mainly with league players getting in a last minute bit of practice before the season starts next week.  My game was every bit as erratic as I thought it would be - one minute I was bowling down the gutter - the next I was getting a strike!  John bowled like a demon but being competitive I wouldn't have expected anything less. 
Having exhausted the bowls we shot off down to Tammy's for a fish and chip supper which was very good before returning to Prodromi to round off the evening with a few games of pool.  The Colour of Money it wasn't but a right old laugh it was!!! 
The Springate's came back to ours for coffee to wrap up the evening.  They will be returning next week when I cook a meal for them - it is about time as we have been to theirs twice already!  As we went to see them to the car we were faced with the famous or infamous Droushia rolling mist - just right for Hallowe'en -  John really ought to remove that mask before he goes to bed - silly me he has already!!

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