Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday 7th - a Momentous Day for Friends...

We haven't said anything before now because (a) it was not our place to and (b) we can sometimes be the kiss of death but today was a momentous day for our friends Vicki and Trevor as they completed the sale of their house rendering themselves temporarily homeless until they, along with their dog Murphy and their furniture (which has been packed by shippers) arrive here in Cyprus to embark on a new life in the sun - although arriving in January they may not see that much sun for a while!!  Knowing them we are sure that they will settle into their new home quickly and enjoy the challenge of creating a new life for themselves with new experiences and new friends to share it with them. 

So today it was a slow start after a latish night last night with the Springates.  We decided to ease ourselves into action and by the time we were up half of the morning had passed by to I decided we should have brunch.  With some of the lovely seeded bread left over from last night opted for a fry-up stack of bread, tomato, bacon and egg with arty squiggle of brown sauce on the side!  I think that maybe I have been watching too much Masterchef!!!

The goats were back again today and eating right up at our boundary.  The Morning Glory got a good scoffing but Chivers kept his eye on them and our vine (brought with us from the UK!!) and dared the goats to come any closer - they didn't thank goodness but until they no longer graze in that field we are going to have to keep an eye on them.

We were going to Polis to do some shopping as we have Running Susan and John coming for a meal tomorrow and Mum and Dad coming for Sunday lunch the day after.

My attire should give you a clue as to the weather conditions today after the glorious day that was yesterday.  I had to dig my boots out and my thick tights!!!  

Winter is here and when we got to Paps in Polis we could see that they had had a lot of rain as it was awash and whilst we were queueing for meat the heavens opened and you could hear it hammering on the roof - it sounded like the roof was about to cave in!  The carpark was even more awash but that is the trouble when you live somewhere that has no soakaways - the water has nowhere to go and just sits around.

On our return home we passed through the village to see the Crib Contingency amassing to erect the nativity scene at the church.  Mrs B (resplendent in Santa Hat) said that the weather is always shitty when they do the crib but I am guessing that a few drinks in Christos or Stathmos afterwards makes it all worthwhile. At the ladies lunch on Wednesday Denise was saying that they have done the crib for some years and initially made the figures themselves but one year Mary and Joseph had a look of the only gays in the village about them and her attempt at making sheep with cotton wool was an abject failure!  On a drier day I will go down and take a photograph so that you can see what this year's tableau looks like.

It being Friday we decided to settle down with a steak supper - courtesy of some rather delicious French rump steak in Paps which at only €9 was an absolutely bargain because it was melt in your mouth - and a movie.  We decided to watch one of the ones which Sheila had lent us.  Now you need to bear in mind that I have lent her The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is a nice gentle, if not genteel, British comedy and she lent me Apocalypto which was quite possibly the goriest film I have ever seen!!!  Having said that I did enjoy it although I said to John I thought it might give me nightmares!

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  1. That's it there's no going back now Cyprus here we come won't even mind the rain as we know the sun will show up eventually x