Saturday, 8 December 2012

Super Sunshine Soccer Saturday...

Today is December 1st and my lovely friend Joani sent me a Jacqui Lawson advent calendar for the computer so it was day one of discovery.  We will have to dig out the Christmas decks soon.  Last year the cats pretty much ignored the tree and trimmings but as we see them regularly hanging from the curtains or playing with the sequined string curtain at the back door or anything else that catches their eye that is within reach or that they reckon is within reach we are betting that the temptation will be too too great for them to ignore!!!  We have already wrapped up the few presents that we have to exchange with one another and Mum and Dad and sorted out where the little Christmas tree is going to go and now that we have the conservatory I am kind of regretting getting rid of the tree that I used to have when we were back in the UK - but then I didn't know at the time that I would have the space for it!

ENAD were playing at home today and I had agreed with John that I would do the shopping in Polis whilst he and Running John were watching the match.

I had a glut of citrus fruit as Mum had brought me oranges and lemons yesterday and I still had the figs from Orexi on Wednesday.  I wanted to make a spicy fig and orange jam as I had found a microwave recipe that looked good and wanted to turn the citrus fruit into marmalade as we were getting low.

This was the view out of the kitchen window this morning.  Clear blue skies and sunshine - in fact not a cloud in the sky today and that makes me feel like doing so much more than when it is grey and miserable but then I guess we all feel that way!

I got my fig and orange jam on the go, spiced with ginger, cinnamon and cloves it had the smell of Christmas and was easy to prepare and easy to cook as it was only whacked into the microwave!!  I don't expect John will be eating any of it as he doesn't like the bitty texture of the figs but I wont say no to a spoonful on my toast in the morning!  The citrus marmalade in the microwave is easy too and now we have plenty to see us through the winter!

In my enthusiasm for cleaning the kitchen yesterday as we had visitors I must have wiped the controls of the washing machine and moved them - I didn't realise that I had switched the tumble dryer part on...

... I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get our sheets out on the line so we could have a lovely clean bed and I thought the machine seemed to be going for a long time and when it stopped I understood why because the laundry had been washed and then partially dried.  Bugger bugger bugger as this is a complete waste of electricity and everything was creased to the max - normally I can get the sheets washed, out on the line, creases get blown out and then it goes back on the bed without ironing.

I dropped the boys off at the Footie agreeing to pick them up in the old Orphanides carpark which was never used when Orphanides was open so was an ideal place now it has closed.  I went off and did the shopping in Paps and took a look round the charity shops to try and find John a wooden chess set - without success before driving down to the coast to take some photographs.

It was about 4.00pm with a setting sun and long shadows and it was warm and lovely - John and I have always said that if we ever had to move we would moved further down towards Polis - probably Prodromi as it would have everything we needed and would be warmer!!

The mighty ENAD managed a lucky win apparently but a win is a win!!!  I managed to get John home in time to watch the mighty Blades in the FA cup grabbing an undeserved win against Port Vale.  Whilst he was putting himself through the mill I knocked up a chili con carne - John's idea of Saturday Supper heaven and chucked some chicken and chorizo in the slow cooker with the leftover pomegranate juice so that we have something to eat on Monday night.

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