Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Eve - A Shit Day...

So Christmas Eve arrived as a fine bright and sunny warm day but turned into a Shit day - or rather a day full of Shit - but more of that later!

Our resident interloper Fluffer is now a frequent visitor and sleeps in her basket, takes breakfast in her hidey hole and then takes in the sun from the safety of our shed roof.  Sometimes she is quite friendly, other times she can hiss and spit - Miners and Chivers are unimpressed but as yet they have not come to blows.

Our first job of the day was to get down to Polis so that we could hand over the abandoned puppy into the care of Paphiakos. Her future there is by no means secure but at least she will have warmth and food and company over Christmas.  John went up to collect her from the cage and take her for a walk so that she could empty her bowels and bladder before going into the car.  John doesn't 'do' poo or wee for that matter.  Bless her she was as good as gold and just wanted lots of company and fuss.  She had a severely distended tummy so was probably full of worms and had pigged herself sick on catfood and biscuits so that when she came up the path with John she left the biggest Mr Whippy right by our gate.  I was called into action to come and swill down particularly as she had done Mr Whippy's in the cage and danced all through it so was covered.

I managed to wash her down, wash the path and wash the cage and we managed to get her into a cat basket.  Fortunately I had persuaded John it would be a better idea than leaving her in the footwell and as it turns out I was right because no sooner had we set off than she did a wee which was ok and then the smelliest poo you have ever encountered.  We had to stop the car and try and get rid of the worst of it and drive all the way to Polis with the windows down.  Apart from that she was as good as gold never making a noise in the cage.  On arriving at the Paphiakos surgery they took her in and wormed her and gave her a good spray with flea stuff and she behaved beautifully - even making friends with the big old wolf hound resident dog.  They named her Holly.  We all have our fingers very firmly crossed that someone gives Holly a loving home because she deserves it.  The rescue people agreed that she was a smashing puppy but unfortunately they have hundreds needing rehoming and now is just about the worst time of year for it.  All I can say is we did our best - her future otherwise would have been bleak, she might have been shot, poisoned, run over or just starved.

As you can see from our weather station the temperatures have rocketed in the right direction and before we went down to Polis it was over 23 degrees already.  This is so much nicer for us and so much better when having Mum and Dad to stay as we can eat in the conservatory and take advantage of the warmth and light.  

In fact we have to rein in John's enthusiasm to have the woodburner lit and the gas fire going at the same time!!!  The forecast was for a good day tomorrow and for the rest of the week so we think it must have come a day early and we have our fingers very firmly crossed that it will be dry on Boxing Day when we are hoping to wheel the oldies out for some fresh air!!!  As long as it is dry it will be fine as it is always warmer on the coast and we have rather a nice venue sorted to sit and eat afterwards.

Anyway back in Polis it was beautiful and having safely handed over Holly we felt in need of a calming cup of coffee.  We had thought about trying Tina's Art Cafe but we couldn't actually get to it to see as the new road is being built and there was a diversion that seemed to end up in the old fire station and nowhere else!!  We parked up on the bit of waste land behind the arch and headed for the nearest taverna with a table in the sun for some coffee.  We were joined by John the Art and Upholstery Sandie who both play badminton with John on a Monday afternoon.  They were good company and we had a very pleasant coffee and chat in the sun.

On the way back to Droushia we were calling in to feed Billy and Milly.  We are a little concerned that we have not seen Billy on the occasions we have been although there has been a stray up there eating.

Milly was there and boy did she hum.  It would appear that she had eaten something that disagreed with her and being quite long haired most of it was firmly attached to her nether regions.  John doesn't do 'poo' as I said so it was my  job to try and clean her and the mess up.  Poor thing had made a valiant attempt to clean her bum but she had a very sore looking rusty sherrif's badge indeed.

I had to ring Irene to let her know as she was feeding next and she decided she would call around and try and cut some of the offending fur off.  Would you believe it that when she did Milly was nowhere to be seen.  I have heard subsequently that she managed to see her on Christmas Day and do a bit of a haircut so hopefully Milly will be feeling more comfortable now and hopefully Billy will put in an appearance.

It was beautiful in the conservatory in the afternoon - in fact almost too hot but we really shouldn't complain!!!

We were all out this evening to Wheelie Helen's to sample a freshly cooked seasonal curry inspired by Helen and Al's recent trip to India.  It is always lovely and warm at their house, the underfloor heating helps and a bouncing log fire in the stove!!!  

Can you believe it I took my camera and then forgot to put a memory card in it so there are no photographs but Helen cooked a lovely meal based on Keralan recipes which she had adapted to make sure they were not too hot. 

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