Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monday January 14th...

When I got up this morning to feed our cats I had the shock of my life to find not only Fluffer but also Slapper sleeping in the workbench.  Slapper is called Slapper not because she is a cat of dubious morals but because she is rather an unfriendly cat who slaps you away with her paws and claws if you get too close.  I was just  minding my own business putting a bowl of biscuits in for Fluff when the two of them shot out of the hole and Slapper greeted me with a massive Hiss.

Slapper sat on the workbench for a while, Fluffer hung around waiting to eat her breakfast in peace and our two sat indoors staring through the kitchen door most disgruntled to have a second interloper in their territory.  This we did not want - Chivers and Minnie Mou are less than happy to have Fluffer around and she is quite a sweetie and just wants to make friends but Slapper is a different kettle of fish altogether.  I shooed Slapper away but she is quite brazen so I am guessing that she may well come back tonight to secure her dry and comfy bed and to hell with Fluffer who got there first.

As you can see from the photograph the day started well with fine bright and warm sunshine. The temperature just before 9.00am was a very healthy 18.7 degrees and rising which is about double what it was this time last week.  

I took the opportunity to get some washing done and out on the line so that it would dry.  It is such a bonus not to have damp washing hanging around and now that Electricity prices have gone up AGAIN I just cannot justify putting on the tumble dryer.  Everything is going up at the moment.  Milk and eggs have gone up noticeably.  VAT has gone up, petrol has gone up - need I go on?  Rising prices are obviously a sign of things to come with difficult times ahead it would appear.

On the way down to Sheila and Klaus's and my regular Monday art I stopped to look at the mosaic work that is being done in the alcoves of walls such as the new wall around the cemetery and to take some photographs.

These are really attractive.  Sheila tells me that they came as a ready made kit rather than being created in situ tile by tile but even so they look good and are a welcome edition to the walls and it is nice to see some long lasting improvements happening in Droushia. 

As I arrived Chez Knips Sheila was outside having a chat with four of her resident feral cats - they are a handsome lot who were sat patiently listening - hanging on her every word but really just hoping for an opportunity to shoot indoors when Sheila isn't looking!!

I am continuing to work on my lily picture and it is getting there slowly.  The bottom flower probably wont take too long to complete - it is the blending for the background that takes all the time and if I look at the original placemat the background towards the bottom becomes much darker and speckled which will be a challenge.

I have chosen my next subject which is going to be a reproduction of a poinsettia which I am going to use as my Christmas Card for next year for those of you who are lucky enough to receive a physical card rather than an electronic one.

Another lovely lunch from Klaus today - inspired by Nigel Slater who is also a food hero of mine.  As Klaus intends to put it on Sheila's blog http://sheilaknips.blogspot.com/ I won't spoil the surprise - not sure exactly what they will be called but we thought they were like some sort of Croquette.  Anyway whatever he calls them they were delicious.

I had Greek this afternoon, John did not have badminton as the club is closed until Wednesday week and en route I was doing my cat-feeding.  It was a glorious day with some real warmth in the sun and the views across the countryside are stunning.  Cat fed I made my way down to Prodromi.

After a lot of thought and having discussed with John, I have decided to give up my Greek lessons at the end of this month.  I enjoy them but to be honest the only time I ever have a real conversation is Monday with Samantha and that seems to be quite an expensive luxury.  I have learned enough so far to say the things that I want to say at the bank, post office, supermarket or taverna.  Sam was brilliant about it and fully understood - that €50 a month might come in handy to pay the electricity bills at this rate!

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