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Saturday 19th January - Trev and Vix's Big Adventure...

Providing the weather had been kind Trev and Vix were due to arrive today for their new life here in Cyprus.  We had been keeping an eye on the conditions over in the UK and in particular in and around Bristol Airport and it looked like they were going to be lucky enough to get away.  John and I had done a recce of the Hotel that Vix had booked down in Paphos that they were going to stay in this coming week whilst they got their house in Arodes sorted.  It wasn't easy to find so we decided we would go down to the airport and meet them and they could follow us in their hire car to the hotel and get settled.  We also thought it might be a good idea to take some sandwiches and drinks down for them because they were coming Squeezy Jet, leaving just after lunchtime and with the time difference would arrive not having eaten unless they bought something on the plane.  John and I decided we would go down to Mandria which is near the airport and have Fish and Chips if it was open (legendary Fish and Chips there) before going to the airport.

This meant we were going to have a quiet day in and around the house doing 'stuff' - sorry Brenda I know that when you and I used to do interviews for Porter Dodson you hated candidates who used the word 'stuff'!!  But it was just 'stuff'- miscellaneous tidying and sorting and a bit of gardening.

I found out the basket that used to house the cats toys and now that they prefer to play with live mice rather than stuffed ones I decided to put it to better use and have filled it with fir cones that we picked up and which John uses when he lights the fire.  I am loathe to get rid of the basket as it is a traditional Cypriot one and I think that they are quite expensive to buy so at least now it has a specific use.

Everything in the garden is beginning to put a spurt on again now that we have had some warm sunshine.  I hope that February does not have a sting in its tale and come back and bite us in the bum!!  I wanted to get out and do a bit of weeding and whilst doing so came across this pretty (but possibly poisonous) fungi growing in the front garden.  I will need to do a gardening update soon because it would appear that we have had less casualties this year but then the weather has not been so bad - so far at least!!!  I did have the foresight to bring some of the more tender plants that were in pots indoors but they have had to be put up out of the reach of Chivers' paws and bum as he continues to want to use the soil as his own personal toilet - I have no idea why as he is quite happy to go outside now he is feeling better.

We said goodbye to the fridge freezer that Budgie Smuggler Mark had kindly lent us when our fridge gave up the ghost just before Christmas.  It helped us out no end but now that we have our replacement and we are satisfied it is working it was time to say goodbye.  It is amazing how much more space the conservatory seems to have now that it has gone.  We have also found a home for the box that our fridge came in as Mark spied it and wanted it to house his Christmas Tree!!

The weather deteriorated as the day went on and come the evening was pretty horrible with rain and rolling mists.  It was quite hard to leave the wood burner and turn out to make the journey down to the airport but we had made up the Hazzell Red Cross Food Parcel and knew they would appreciate us being there.  We stopped off at Aroudes to drop off the fridge box at the Springates and looking out of the window it looks like there has been snow - there hasn't - this is just the rolling mist and the loose road surface outside their house!

We made our way down to Paphos where the weather improved no end and the temperatures were around 18 degrees - a summer's day in the UK - Trev would be in shorts that was a certainty!

We made our way to Mandria and were pleased to see the Fish and Chip shop was open and that there was a table for us - situated well inside out of any drafts and not far from a patio heater!  It was toasty warm and the fish and chips were excellent as usual.  I had a child's portion which was more than enough with six pieces of fish on the plate!!!

We arrived at the airport just as the plane had landed and it wasn't long before the passengers began to filter through.  This is the point where Vix sees us and looks excited to have arrived.  Just walking out of the picture was Trev in shorts and T-shirt - we keep telling him that there will come a time when he becomes acclimatised and his blood thins and even he will find it is chilly at times!!  He says not but we will wait and see - John and I used to walk round in T-shirts and shorts when we visited Mum and Dad during the winter!!!  Plus the temperature at the airport was about 8 degrees warmer than what we had left up our neck of the woods.

We waited for them to get their hire car sorted which took a little while and then got them to follow us down to their temporary accommodation the Louis King Jason.  I have to admit that from the outside this doesn't really look anything very special and the parking is a bit haphazard but when we went inside it was a different kettle of fish as it was really very nice indeed.  The website said it had been recently refurbished and clearly it has - not being on the sea front it obviously has to offer something to entice people to stay.

Trev and Vix admitted that they would never have found it themselves so were very appreciative that we had checked out its location beforehand.  After a long flight and arriving when it is dark all you want to do is get to your destination as quickly as possible and getting lost in the backstreets of Paphos is nobody's idea of fun!

They also got their first taste of rain as it began to pour as we left the  motorway - but this did not dampen their spirits - as they said they had left bitter, freezing weather in the UK - warm rain was a luxury and they were just happy to have arrived safe and sound and for all their 'over the internet' bookings to be in place.

They checked in and we were all given a welcome drink and then they were taken to their accommodation and were well impressed.  There was a huge bedroom with beds which passed the Trevor test - apparently the bed they have been sleeping on recently left a bit to be desired!!

We made sure that they were settled in before handing over the Red Cross food parcel and leaving them to a good night's sleep before things become very hectic for them.  Furniture arriving, car arriving and Dog arriving!!!

We have told them to call in for a cuppa tomorrow if they are up our way and providing we are back from Mum and Dad's as we are going there for lunch tomorrow.

At this point you can see that they are happy to have arrived safe and sound - they decided to wander up the road to a little supermarket we spotted as they are self catering and they wanted to get in a few bits and pieces for breakfast tomorrow - Trevor wanted to stretch his legs after the flight and get some fresh air.

We made our way back to Droushia - glad that we had been good friends and gone to meet them - we had had twenty years experience of the island when we arrived and Mum and Dad to meet us and put us up until our house was ready.

Back at 10B John stoked the embers of the wood burner and brought it back to life so that we could spend an hour or so with the cats before going to bed.


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