Sunday, 6 January 2013

Saturday - Four Seasons in One Day...

Small progress with Chivers - he has eaten a few biscuits today - we have turned a corner hopefully

Well maybe not four seasons in a day but at least two!!!  We woke this morning to a brilliant clear sunny morning with a stunning view down to the bay.  The weather has been so much better than we anticipated and like Mum says everything looks better when the sun shines!  Our itinerary for today was lunch down in Latchi and I needed some shopping so that meant a quick visit to Paps to stock up.

With Mum and Dad here we are much better at embracing outside eating which John and I are rubbish at which is stupid really as we have several places to eat in the garden depending on the time of year and that is, after all, one of the beauties of living somewhere with so much sunshine.  In the winter the early morning sun is directly outside the kitchen so it is a good place to take breakfast.

We took a leisurely breakfast before driving down to Polis to stock upon supplies before driving onto Latchi and parking up at the Marina so that we could go for a little walk before finding somewhere for lunch.  We had decided to try somewhere different as we always go to Faros and we really only wanted a snack rather than a meal.  We had thought to try Karen's but it was closed.

It was beautiful down by the marina and we walked to the end admiring the boats on our way.  Mum tried to be friendly towards one of the port cats but it turned out to be a bit spiteful so be ignored it after it tried to scratch her.  After some discussion we decided to walk back round to Zouk's as we had heard some reasonable reports about their food.

When we sat down to study the menu we were in full sunshine but sod's law was that, exactly the same as had happened on Boxing Day, the sun disappeared behind a fairly large cloud and it began to feel a bit chilly so as Dad feels the cold and none of us like our food to get cold we decided to take ourselves indoors.

It was actually quite nice indoors - there weren't that many people in, the music wasn't too loud and one of the guys came and lit the wood burner which was fairly close to us and we had a stunning view out over onto the marina.  Dad couldn't get over the fact that there were about half a dozen TVs all on all playing a music channel and all with their sound off!!

We ordered what we thought would be lightish meals and ended up having rather large platefuls - Mum and Dad both chose Shepherds Pie which they said was piping hot and very tasty.  I had a Bacon, Halloumi and lettuce pitta with chips and tsatsiki and John had a Chicken souvla with chips and tsatsiki.  It was all good and not badly priced.

We had taken a pack of cards with us so we kept ourselves amused and intrigued some of the locals by playing Noms for a while - well better to sit taking advantage of their heating!!!  When it started to get a bit chilly as the sun was going down we decided to pack up and go home and continue our game.  We had a casserole made by Mum scheduled for supper but we were all full from lunch so were in no rush to eat it!

It was sunny when we left Latchi and it was sunny as we drove through Prodromi and then we started going up the hill towards Droushia and could see rain on the horizon.  By the time we arrived on the edge of Droushia area it was as black as your hat and pouring with rain.  By the looks of the amount of rain flowing down the road it had been raining there for quite a while.

It was bucketing down by the time we parked up so John ran in and got the brolly and escorted Mum and Dad in so that they didn't get wet.  

It chucked it down for about half an hour and we had to get the towels out to stem the flow under the front door!!!

It wasn't too long before it stopped.  I reckon it must have started shortly after we left this morning so we were fortunate that we had made the decision to go out.  Just goes to show how different the weather can be on the coast.

We continued our card game and finally made a decision to eat the casserole at about 8.00pm which is late for us.  It was a nice meal despite the fact that I tried to spot weld it to the pan and it is going to take a bit of work to see the bottom of it again!!  There will be no such problem tomorrow as we have been invited out for Lunch at the Blue Olive to celebrate mum's neighbour Janice's birthday (which was actually today).

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