Friday, 18 January 2013

Thursday 10th January...

After our very cold day yesterday last night we had treated ourselves to the electric blanket AND the heater in the bedroom. to fend off hypothermia.  As a result I slept exceptionally well and neither of us stirred until gone 8.00am and then I think it was only because I could hear shouting outside.  

I got up to have a look and saw that the electricity board were in the field and connecting up the electricity (not water obviously!!).  It looks like this worker is actually perched on our gazebo!!!  There were loads of them running round the field like ants and within a very short period of time they seemed to have the job completed and were on their way.

Even though the telegraph poles are there with the wires in between they don't seem to affect our view too much and in a couple of days we will forget all about them - hopefully.    It must have been freezing up those poles as the wind today was particularly keen - no wonder they were all sporting natty head gear.  The snow has hung around in the garden and is still there tonight.

We were going down to Paphos today to have lunch with Mum and Dad.  Mum and I were then playing pickleball on the new court which is in the same building but next door to the unsuitable one we have been trying.  We were then picking up our new fridge from the Outlet Store and coming home.

Even though it was a cold day it was sunny and bright and everything is looking green and lush.  You can now sea quite a bit of snow on the Troodos and if you check out the webcam you can see exactly the extent of the snowfall.

It was lovely when we arrived at Mum and Dad's.  They had been able to sit outside and have their breakfast.  They would have frozen their bits off if they had tried to do that up at ours!!  They do benefit from facing South and from being tucked between two other buildings.

We all sat out and had a coffee before Mum and I walked down to play pickleball and John and Dad went to have lunch at Stuart's Diner.  It only takes 10 minutes to walk to the Karate Club where we are playing pickleball.  Today we had moved into the room next door and it was a much better environment as there is more room around the edge of the court - we still have the issue of the ceiling height but we are getting to grips with that particular problem and have to adjust our game accordingly.  I had been sceptical as to whether this room would have been an improvement but it was and I actually enjoyed the games so looks like I will be continuing for the foreseeable future.  The only trouble is that we desperately need to introduce a couple of new players as we now only have 5 people playing regularly and with Mum going away for three weeks this leaves us with a problem as I can only play once a week and she plays twice.  A new guy was supposed to come and have a look today but for some reason did not turn up.

We picked up our new fridge and got it home full of anticipation only to find that there was an issue with the adjustment foot so we have to take it back on Thursday - what a bugger - thank goodness I still have the fridge that Budgie Smuggler Mark lent us and thank goodness he doesn't need it back in a hurry.

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