Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thursday 17th January...

Late to bed last night having been out and endured death by Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
by which time I  had lost the will to post my blog!!!

Chivers is obviously back to his normal self as we found him racing around with a new toy this morning just as we were packing up to go off down to Paphos.  It was, sadly, one of his favourites - a small shrew.  It was dead poor thing.  The only trouble is that when he has one of these toys he likes to bring it indoors and hide it under the curtain which, if it is not dead, means that it could run around and get trapped somewhere inside or if it is dead then it could go unnoticed until it started to smell!!!

John had to persuade Chivers to give it up and we had to dispose of it somewhere he wasn't going to find it again to bring it back to haunt us.  Chivers gets very disgruntled by this.  To be honest we are so happy that he has recovered from his horrible illness that we almost felt guilty about taking it off of him!

Minnie just stares at him with her disgusted look which she uses to perfection - it is the same stare that she uses when anyone dares to be in the field next door which she obviously considers to be her own personal territory.

We were having one of our Admin Days in Paphos as we had a few things we needed to sort out and with the random opening times of some shops and businesses we never seem to have enough time to fit everything in.  We wanted to go to Atlantic Insurance to check out one or two things, we wanted to go and find where Vix and Trev have booked some accommodation whilst they are getting their house up together, we wanted to go and speak to a guy who has been recommended for dealing with Hondas to try and sort out the over-revving, we wanted to do a bit of shopping, we wanted to go and have a look at the furniture shops to see if we could find some replacements sofas for our leather ones and hopefully find a sofa bed, we wanted to pick up our fridge (hopefully repaired) and we wanted to see Mum and Dad and have some lunch.

On our way down through Paphos we managed to stop and park up and investigate the junk/antique shop which is on the same side as the Esso garage.

We have seen it on several occasions - in fact it used to be a restaurant where we once had Sunday lunch - and there is always an eclectic mix of 'stuff' outside.

We managed to stop in time to park in the rough old carpark which is opposite and negotiate the traffic only to find that it was closed which was such a shame because on peering through the windows it is clear that it is full of all sorts of interesting stuff - TAT our Welsh friends would call it and they always said that we were the King and Queen of TAT!!!  I could see no end of things that I would have been interested in!!! 

We are determined to go and have a look inside the next time we go past and it is open - at least we know exactly where it is located and where we can park.

We did all the boring stuff at Atlantic Insurance which took quite a while but was worth it because we found out that we have been driving Mum and Dad's car without proper insurance so we want to pay the premium on the CRV so that we can drive it legally should we need to.  Apparently even if you have any car on your insurance policy this does not apply to cars which belong to members of your family which begs the question why you would want any car if it were not to be able to drive a car belonging to a family member??

We managed to find the place where Trev and Vix have booked and as it is on a one way system had to do some driving around in order to work out the best way to get to it and get out of it.  

We then went to Mum and Dad's to have a game and to have lunch - can you believe it we were 'barbequing' outside and when we had left Droushia earlier it was grey windy and threatening rain.  I had changed twice from thick layers to thin layers back to thick layers and was regretting it!!!

We left Mum to go off to pickleball and made our way to find the car man.

There must be money in sorting out Hondas as this was one of two Rolls Royce's that was outside!

The guy had a quick look at our car and thought he might know what was causing the problem so we need to book it in for him to have it from cold which means we will need to borrow Dad's CRV whcih means we need to be properly insured!!  If it is what he thinks then it wont cost us an arm and a leg which is good news - can't tell you what it was because it was technical/mechanical and there was no mention of shoes so I lost interest quickly!

We then went off to have a look for furniture before going to collect the fridge.  We had seen a sofa set which included a sofa bed on the internet which was at Steptoes but when we got there they didn't have a single sofa bed and wouldn't have one for at least three months.

We continued up the Polis Road having a look at the furniture shops.  John had said he had seen a terracotta coloured suite on our way down but couldn't remember which shop it was in.  We scoured the Road before eventually tracking it down.  Let's just say it was exactly what we were looking for in all respects except the price.  It was a two seater and three seater combo and the three seater opened up to make a king sized sofa bed.  It was upholstered in a scotch guarded fabric but I managed to find a mark on it which resulted in much sucking of teeth and shaking of heads.  Conversation ensued and it transpired that the man from the shop is from Droushia so we became his best friends.  We eventually managed to negotiate a price for the combo and he is going to deliver it and visit his mother at the same time!!!
Our final bit of good luck was that the fridge was ready for collection and that Kev had managed to hammer out the problems (literally).  They had agreed that this would not affect our warranty which is also good news as there is nowhere else in we could find a larder fridge in silver without a freezer section.  It was still, however, not perfect and it had not been cheap so we managed to get them to agree to throw in a hairdryer which is good news as I was going to buy one anyway as my spare died earlier this week.

We went home feeling that for once the Gods had been smiling upon us - normally if there is shit to fall into we fall into it and never come up smelling of roses.

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