Saturday, 16 March 2013

Friday March 8th...

I had a slightly better night's sleep last night although I woke at 4.00am needing a drink of water and as I could hear that it was raining I got up and put some towels down on the floor in the conservatory 'just in case' and gave the cats a bit of something to eat. You could tell that we had had the wood burner lit last night as the cats remained in the lounge taking advantage of the residual warmth. 

On the subject of cats we seem to have attracted yet another into the garden - this time a large fluffy un- neutered male who seems to have the hots for Fluffer.  This morning he was calling for her from the top of the shed and she was underneath in the bottom of the work bench.  Later today John found the two of them doing something they probably shouldn't out on the road.  Big Tom was going to be in for a rude awakening though, as Ms Fluffer has been spayed!

On our way down to Polis today we did a little detour via Helen and Al's house.

Their house is tucked into the valley and has some stunning views which are particularly beautiful at the moment as everything is so green.

To the front you look out across to the sea and to the side at the end of the swimming pool you have fantastic uninterrupted views across to the mountains.  The rustic steps take you down to even more garden but I have yet to venture quite that far!  I would imagine that if you were lucky enough to be holidaying here you would think you had died and gone to heaven!  There is some fantastic planting around the boundaries and the sheltered position allows for plants (which struggle further up the hill where we are) to thrive.  It's a lot to manage though but I am guessing that Helen did her homework and chose shrubs which withstand the ravages of our climate without too much human interference.

Every time I go to Helen and Al's I covet the head statue that they have on one of their outside walls.  I am just wondering if I could get John to sit still and allow me to slap some papier-mâché on his mush and try and recreate one for ourselves.  I am guessing that the answer would be a firm NO!

I need a new craft project - I have nothing on the go at the moment and could do with something to get my teeth into so maybe I could try creating something similar with a bit of stone carving (like I did for Brian the Turd in the garden).  I shall have to ask Jeannette where you get the grey blocks that she uses - I dont recall seeing them at the DIY container up the road.

We carried on down to Prodromi and stopped off at Glykkis to see whether the bit for John's chainsaw was in.  There was something waiting for him - whether it is the right bit we shall see.  We took a look at the price of the anti mould paint she has as we need to do the kitchen.  A 5-litre can was nearly €60 - I nearly had a nosebleed when I saw the price.  We have decided to take a look in Superhome Centre next week.

I dropped John at Badders and then shot off into Polis so that I could go to the banks - the Co-op for some housekeeping and the Alpha Bank for a tax certificate.  As you can see I have become a true Cypriot as I parked on the roundabout today - everyone does it but could you imagine parking on a roundabout in the UK?  I must admit I didn't hang about as it just felt so wrong!

As you know I normally drop John off at Badders then waste some time taking some photographs somewhere then do the shopping at Paps and then pick him up and we go home.

I only mooched along the coast to Limni - where I had gone with Vicki last week when the boys were watching footie - and stood in the same spot to take a picture under the pier.  It was much much stormier there than last week and I couldn't afford to stand there for too long for fear of getting my feet wet!

I took a walk along the beach and picked up a few bits of drift wood which was destined for the wood burner.  There wasn't much about but it was nice to take a walk and get the cobwebs blown away.  The wind was warm and the sun had come out so it was pretty pleasant.

I got back in the car and decided to go up a road that I hadn't been up before so took a turning signposted to Argaka Centre and followed the road round eventually coming full circle and finding myself back on the main coast road.  Boy there are some big houses up there in the hills and in their day must have cost an arm and leg to build but the views from there are fantastic so I can see why people would have chosen to live there.

I drove back heading for Polis and pulled in just past the Fly Again to take a photograph of the coastline.  It is much wilder up here and when the weather is bad it gets a bit of a pummeling and in places it is in need of a good tidy up before the holiday season starts - well I think it is but unfortunately Cypriots do seem to be oblivious to rubbish.

Shopping done, John collected, we came home and decided to polish off the remains of the chicken/chorizo/bean cassoulet that I made last night - it was delicious the first time and even more delicious the second time round.  We are planning a film tonight - if we can agree on which one!

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