Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Monday February 25th...

Today has been a bit of a write-off as I am poorly, sick and dying.  John, ever the nice guy, felt it only fair to share his bugs with me and as I left the Blue Olive yesterday I began to feel proper poorly - a sore and burning throat which was the mother and father of all sore and burning throats.

The amount of sleep I managed to secure last night was marginally better than nothing - I was burning up and every time I swallowed it was like torture.  This was a bit disconcerting as I am currently gripped by the book which Wheelie Helen lent me where the serial killer uses something called a Leopold's Apple, a fictional brutal torture weapon which the killer places inside the victims' mouths - was this life imitating art I ask myself?

John disappeared for most of the day taking a lift down to Polis with Trevor where he hoped to pick up a parcel which had been delivered as far as ACT couriers behind the big church and which I am hoping is a box from Lakeland - and which, if it is, has arrived in double, double quick time as I only placed the order late on Wednesday afternoon.  He is also hopeful that Marinos has been able to fix the bike.  Fingers crossed that he has and, if he has, that it was a cheap fix.

John set off lunchtime and for me there was nothing else I could do but to spend some time in bed today sleeping, recuperating, reading and catching up on my current favourite series Stella.

I thank my lovely friend Gemma for pointing out that Big Alan Williams and John (when they are both dressed as Boy George) must have have been separated at birth - I will leave you to decide!

The picture of John on the right reminds me of fantastic fun times we had in Glenthorne Avenue with our neighbours Sally and Tommy, and later Sally, Tommy, Freddy and Molly.   Not just fantastic times in Glenthorne Avenue but in Fennel Way, Greenwood Road, camping, cycling and Cornwall to name a few others and I shouldn't forget that many of these times were shared with the Stapleton's.  The 'Glenthorne Six' (although technically Frank and Cheryl lived round the corner in Mudford Road).  Who could forget the Independence Day cycle ride to the Rose and Crown at Trent when number 5 in the bike chain was constantly missing - now there's another story!

The Allan family are about to embark on a new adventure - they are leaving Glenthorne Avenue to move to deepest darkest Dorset.  This will move them closer to Tommy's not quite so new job.  In fact if things have gone to plan they will have moved this weekend just gone.  Sal recently emailed to say (amongst other things) that... "We are surrounded by fields and sea views of Chesil beach. Its so dreamy, you'd never think Tommy and I would end up here! I have to keep pinching myself"

The new home looks idyllic and I would like to think that at some point John and I might be able to take a Wisemuller trip across to check it out in person.  She never mentioned whether Dom and Dill were being moved - they were two tiny tiny baby goldfish we rescued from our pond in Fennel Way and gave to them but I am guessing if they are still alive they will be going along too. Anyway we send big love from here and hope that the Allan family's new life is everything they would have wished for.

PS We have a new President - Nicos Anastasiades - fingers crossed he can steer the island out of its current economic position. 

PPS I have had confirmation that the Allans made their move on February 22nd and hopefully by the time they read this (if they do) our 'welcome to your new home' flowers will have arrived safe and sound. 

PPPS I have heard that Weymouth is preparing itself for a Sally Allan charm offensive - will it cope???

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