Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunday 24th February - Happy Birthday Raymondo...

As I write this blog I feel the unmistakable tell-tale signs of an impending cold.  Dry sore eyes and a dry tight throat - thanks John!!  It was inevitable I guess that I would succumb but I am determined to dose myself up and soldier on - I will therefore keep this post brief and then tuck myself up in bed.

On the 'no two days are the same' theme, today was a beautiful one up here in Droushia - we could see right across the field but not down to the bay as that seemed to be swathed in mist or possibly a heat haze.  If it was a heat haze it was still there when we returned from Paphos so I am guessing it was probably more likely to be rolling mist.  In fact down in Paphos it had been a glorious warm spring Sunday with temperatures in the 20s and a warm breeze.  As we came home and wended our way up the hill towards Kathikas we could see murky grey weather hanging in the hills.
We had been down to Paphos to have Sunday Lunch at the Blue Olive to celebrate Mum and Dad's neighbour Ray's birthday.  I think if I were to describe it as his Heinz birthday you would be able to guess exactly how old he was today.

It was a right old meeting of the Lakoudia Street residents as the proprietor of the Blue Olive, Keith, lives next door to Mum and Dad, Janice and Ray (pictured) live behind Mum and Dad and Mum and Dad's other immediate neighbours Dave and Rosie (Rosie who cuts my hair) were there together with John and I and Fran and Dave who came last time we went to celebrate Janice's birthday in January.

The set Sunday lunch is very nice as it is all home cooked.  John said his roast pork was absolutely lovely but that there was just not enough of the superbly crisped crackling - it was compensated by the fact that he did end up with three Yorkshire puddings!   He didn't draw breath over the cheesecake so I am guessing that was a hit too!

I had remembered how very hot I had got in there on previous occasions because the terraced area is like a conservatory and faces South so I was careful not to overdress and was very grateful for the lovely top Mum had brought me back from the UK.  I still managed to get very hot though but I think that it was the onset of something untoward so I apologise now for the few words today but I want to be well enough to go to Sheila's tomorrow.

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